Thursday, January 1, 2015

TBT: New Year in the NICU

This was my view five years ago on New Years Day.

Kokomo Jo was four days old, jaundiced, and almost a month premature. Her little lungs were just shy of being fully developed.
 I wasn't sure I would ever be able to care for her alone, or what it was like to hold her without wires and tubes and needles and pokes.

But the New Year brought the day when the wires were disconnected and in my arms was a 6lb 14oz baby girl with dusky blue eyes, a pug nose, and alienish-looking face, and a little hand that squeezed my finger so hard she pinched it.

And my Kokomo Jo came home...


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  1. Aww, she was beautiful then and even more beautiful now - you are blessed!! Thanks for the look back in pics!!

    1. Guess who gets a slumber party this week with Mama?!? :)


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