Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to Make Achievable Goals

You don't.
Plain and simple.

Build dreams instead.

I have found goals to be a good thing, but my personality prefers to chase dreams. But, alas, I'm a dreamer. So even if the "goal" is to finish laundy by week's end, I turn it into a romanticized vision of a Saturday morning with no laundry hanging round my neck like a noose, and suddenly, it's a beautiful vision of heaven.

Dreams inspire us. Goals weigh us down. Goals are burdensome and breathe failure like a dragon spits fire. Dreams always come with that asterisk that says "do your best" but if you don't get there, it's a dream, after all.

My dreams for 2015?

I want to finish my latest book by July. Edit it and have it to my agent by beginning of September. Lofty maybe, but it is a dream after all.

I also would like to fit into a size twelve jean again. It'll take eating well, cutting out sugar (my nemesis for retaining weight), and maybe even moving once in a while. But then, a size fourteen is always good too. I love to dream.

I want to visit my sister Halee in Virginia. Dreaming about going to ACFW Conference too. But this year finances are super tight. So I'm dreaming, and forgoing Etsy purchases and buying boots. AHHHCK. Sometimes dreaming hurts, but the end vision inspires.

I'm dreaming of a date night with my husband. Maybe even two. That would be simply amazing. Sometimes I want to slap these marriage associations upside the head who say a date night a week is a must. Try living in my shoes one week. Babysitters, paying a babysitter, and trying to balance our warring work schedules is a feat in and of itself. So two date nights in 2015 would be two more than in 2014!

I intend to live my dreams this year. With God's grace and strength and mighty power, I'll even let Him change my dreams to fit His plans. Because really, living your dreams in your open palm make for an amazing adventure!


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  1. If you lived in Tuscaloosa I'd be glad to babysit for free. Your kids and my Grandkids would have a ball together!

  2. It's important to dream, but sometimes life can put dreams so far away. Mine seem to be on the other side of my sell-by date, and I'm not likely to see them

    But goals keep me moving. If I have a goal to write a certain number of words each day, that's something I can do. Hopefully I will live to see them become a story.

    And perhaps I will still be here to go through the agent-hunting process, and survive through the publication jungle.

    But I can't count on that, and thinking about it as a dream is overwhelmingly depressing.

    So I will do the thing that's immediately before me. And then the next.


    1. Great perspective, Andrew!!! So true and valued!!

  3. Wonderful post, Jaime, thank you!!

    Yes, goals CAN be depressing (and stressful) - if you don't make them, and there are plenty, over the years, I haven't obtained. The losing weight and sugar reduction are always issues for me, also. Dreams are wonderful to have and seeking God's direction/guidance is the only way I can achieve any of my goals or dreams.

  4. Haha, YES! All this. Having 4 little ones myself I hear you about all of that, especially the date night. Seriously, it's not possible! :) We have "date nights" after the kids go to bed and watch a show together, read together or do puzzles together. It works. LOL
    I have always said that we make memories every year. Dreams are what we would like to make memories of, but we always make sure we make memories in our family. I want to make a memory of fitting back into size 12 jeans too!!! Oh sugar, you evil tempter. :)


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