Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 At the Movies

Some people aren't movie people. I'm absolutely movie people. 
I love a good story, drama, romance, action, adventure, or comedy.
I draw the line pretty much beyond that.
No ick, no horror, etc.

Looking back over 2014, it's been a fun movie year. 
Here are a few favorites:

1. The Judge: IMDb

2. Saving Mr. Banks: IMDb

3. Hundred Foot Journey: IMDb

4. Belle:IMDb

5. Into the Woods: IMDb

6. Heaven is for Real: IMDb

I still want to see a few others from 2014: (not in any particular order)
1. The Good Lie
2. West
3. The Imitation Game
4. Exodus
5. Hobbit
6. Unbroken

Do you have any movies, or made for television movies, t.v. series you loved from 2014?
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  1. Our women's ministry had a ladies night out and showed the movie God Is Not Dead at the church. I loved the fellowship of the ladies together watching and cheering. Just going to the movie theatre has gotten way too expensive for our family!

    1. That sounds very fun and enjoyable. I haven't watched that one yet.

  2. I loved Belle and Saving Mr. Banks. We saw the Hobbit and Annie. I love movies too.

    1. I haven't seen the Hobbit yet, or Annie. I still have plenty to see!

  3. Loved seeing your movie list, Anne, and will check out those I haven't seen!!

    I have always been such a movie "nut" and would have the largest screen possible if I had room for it. I started buying large screen TV's when the only option was buying a screen to sit in front of your TV - you flipped a switch to flip the picture upside down and then it was magnified on the screen in front of it. As it is, I just received a 55" LED TV for Christmas from family members - moved the 40" from the living room to my bedroom and the 32" in the bedroom is now the monitor for my desktop computer - also in my bedroom.

    I've always wanted to be so close to the screen I would feel as if I was enveloped in the movies and I pretty much feel that way - starring at this huge computer monitor - probably more so than looking at the 55" TV, as it is on my desk and literally only a foot from my face. It only took a few minutes to get used to it, I can keep my fave Christian music going on itunes while on the computer and without having to get up to change CD's in my CD player, the sound is better, all my online friends are actually bigger than life-size and I can see the screen so much better. I'm loving it!!

    I used to watch a lot of movies but have found in the last year that I've spent much more time online than watching movies. I only go to the theater 2-3 times a year, preferring to rent from Redbox and watch at home (since I have larger TV screens now), saving money, being able to eat what I want and lounge in my gown - however, I also don't RENT movies near as much as I once did. I frequently buy Christian movies when they are on sale for $5.00 or less and have a sizeable collection.

    That being said - this year, I did view Heaven is for Real in the theater, as well as Unbroken (just before New Years) and enjoyed them both. I also would like to see Exodus and would prefer to see it in the theater because of all the action scenes. I do watch some TV movies, usually from Hallmark or the Up channels - especially during the Christmas season.

    Which is your fave way to view movies, Anne - TV movies, rental, buy your own or in the theater??

    1. I love the action movies or big scenery on the big screen at the theatre. All the others, in my own living room, in my p.j.'s with a snuggly blanket!

  4. Lone Survivor is the best movie of 2014, and possibly the best and most inspiring movie I've ever seen.

    I also loved Godzilla; it showed two good and strong marriages within the first 20 minutes, and close to the end showed SEALS in group prayer. You would not have seen that twenty years ago.

    1. I watched the Lone Survivor trailer. Looks watch worthy. Thanks for sharing Andrew.


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