Thursday, December 11, 2014

TBT: Vintage Christmas Cards (and My Messy Life)

Well, it happened today. 
The craziness of the season sucked the joy out of my routine and my son had to take me down a notch on my stress-o-meter from an "8" to at least a "3".

It's about this time of the Holiday Season where we get our stress on way too easily. The to-do list is still a mile long. Anything I thought I had pre-organized suddenly feels under-done. And everything that's expected, like Christmas Cards, feels like something I should push to the "skip-it-this-year-list".

So, even though I love this vintage Christmas card and the tradition that started in the 1840's and was supported by the Hall brothers who started Hallmark in 1915, days like today make me want to protest.

How do you keep the joy in your Christmas Season?  Today for me, it took my son's reminder to just stop and take it down a notch. So what if I have dirty laundry, a cluttered desk, a stack of unwrapped gifts, a forgotten trip to the post office to mail gifts. So what if my tree isn't trimmed perfectly.

Jesus's stable was stinky. The straw was strewn about. The animals left their deposits. Mary probably hadn't taken a shower and didn't have a good hair day. Joseph probably had saddle bum from riding all day long. And no, they didn't have pampers either.

And this is the life Jesus came to indwell. His glory came down into this mess to fill us and all our moments. He doesn't wait until we are cleaned up, or deemed acceptable. He just comes. Into our mess and chaos.

So let Him in. 
Take it down a notch.

Isaiah 7:14 Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.
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  1. Very good perspective on the actual first Christmas.

    1. I hope it helps bring back the right focus Gail! ;)

  2. Such a good reminder. I tend to get so caught up in planning and preparation and wanting that picture perfect Christmas celebration, especially when I am hosting family members. I need to be reminded to focus on what is more important - being the hands and feet of Jesus to those I know will be in my home who are hurting big time.

    1. Good point Kristine. You are hosting a service of hospitality, not entertaining for perfection.

  3. Aww, thank you - Anne, for putting things into perspective!! You are so right!! I have a problem visualizing you at a high level on the stress-meter, however, this is the time of year that it probably reaches more people than at any other.

    For me - age, illness and no longer working outside my home have also helped me put things into perspective during the Christmas season. Having more free time causes more reflection on the fact that my elder family members won't be around many more Christmases - my own recent and on-going health issues are one cause for extra thankfulness for God's protection not only during a recent serious illness but during my entire past and future years on earth. Health issues now prohibit my doing of the things I once thought were necessary to celebrate the Christmas season and I have finally learned to dwell on the most important tasks and not stress-out on the others.

    But, of course - the most important reason to curb stress during the Christmas season is so that I can more fully enjoy the significance and holiness of the season and the fact that the Christ Child endured so much more than I can fathom so that I could have life for eternity. I am blessed!!

  4. This was a great reminder. Our pastor talked about this last week.


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