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Coffee Chat with Ruth Logan Herne!

(Heather Sebastian is the winner of last week's double book and coffee giveaway!)

Erica Here: This week's Coffee Chat is with Die-Hard New Yorker and all around firecracker Ruth Logan Herne! I first met Ruthy through the Barclay Sterling Writer's Contest for unpublished writers...and she was kind enough not to give me the LOWEST score in my category...though I think I was somewhere around 10 out of 12? It was my first writing contest, and Ruthy was nice!...Way nicer than she was to Mary Connealy who entered the same contest...long story. (BTW, Mary and Ruthy are besties, so it's all good.)

So, without further ado, here's RUTHY!

Here at CC&C, we’re all about the coffee and tea. What is your beverage of choice?

Wait. You’re kidding me, right? I’m from New York, darlings. There is no choice. A cuppa joe, and then straight back to jail, that’s how things work here in the Empire state.  J
Coffee…. Always coffee. And if I’ve made it through a whole week without killing a real person, I use my gift card from one of my Manhattan sons to stop by Starbucks and grab a fancy coffee. That’s my mini-reward system at work, and NO ONE DIES!!!!

All coffees and teas are better with a snack or two. What’s your go-to snack?

When I’m behaving it’s cheese… Cabot’s Extra sharp cheddar, Parmesan, etc… when I’m breaking the rules it’s cake/pie/cookies. I love baking, I love eating but I’m stinkin’ short! So I have to be careful… the plus side of working full time with kids is that I can still bake… and share the fun and the treats!

Jaime is all about the selfies, so we’d love to see a selfie of you. J

Um, okay, let me tell you what’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  First, I haven’t even figured out how to do them, short arms and big teeth make me look ridiculous. I can look ridiculous without any help from the camera, thank you, darlings…. And I’m about the least photogenic person I know (go straight back to those big teeth, turn right, do not pass “Go” do NOT collect $200.) So imagine a waif of a girl with long, curly, Celtic princess type hair… I don’t look anything like that, but I’d be happy for you to imagine it!

Erica here...Ruthy is totally lying about not being photogenic. She's adorable. So, I decided to post a picture of her anyway...and this one has a bit of a story behind it. Way back when...before I knew Ruthy very well, someone random person decided to create a Facebook account using my name and this picture of Ruthy. I emailed Ruthy to let her was so funny that they would put us together. I never found out who did it, but the account was erased ASAP after Ruthy notified FB. I can only imagine what her email said. :D  Anyway, Ruthy is a cutie-pie, and her puppies are adorable, too!

Anne and Erica are history museum addicts. Can you tell us a little about a history museum that is close to where you live or grew up?

They have those things????? For real????? See, I’ve got this thing called the World Wide Web. They just invented it, marvelous little research tool. (Stops… thinks…. Light bulb moment!!!) Well, I do love going on historical trips. The Genesee Country Museum, a made-to-life village here in Mumford New York…. And I just went to Gettysburg, there’s some story fodder there, don’t ya’ know… and I love historic villages and buildings, and that, but honestly, if Mary Connealy didn’t DRAG ME to museum type places, I’d probably never know what they were! That might me a slight….very slight… exaggeration. Now mind you, I love reading about history and I wrote my first historical BY ACCIDENT and loved it, so youse historical writers are just plum stuck with me now because once I have fun, there’s no stopping me!!! J

Can you tell us a little bit about the research you did while writing  "A Town Called Christmas", your contribution to the Seekers “Hope for the Holidays” historical collection?

Sure! It actually started as an idea that didn’t make the cut for a Barbour collection, and as I put together the story idea, I fell in love with it because there was a swell of English immigrants that let bygones be bygones and came to America for a new opportunity, including my hero… And oh my stars, it was just so fun pitting this big, rugged, fairly well-to-do Englishman with all those raggle taggle pioneers in his path! And he was JUST RIGHT FOR SYLVIE…. And she needed someone to see beyond her past, and she was a little bit bossy, and she had a heart of gold, and there were just children everywhere, the ones who didn’t perish while their parents fought Mother Nature and rugged conditions to give them a new chance at life!!!! So I had to write it and it’s just stinkin’ adorable. I love that book.

What does your writing space look like? Do you have an office, a corner of the couch, or do you go to the library or coffee shop?

<Scratches head….> Well, I write anywhere. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom, wherever I can hide from the madding crowd, and no, you cannot see my office because there’s like stuff in there, every which way, and I keep thinking I’m going to get organized but I’d rather write.
So that’s what I do. J

What are you reading right now?

My buddy Jan Drexler (an amazing woman and author and yes, she paid me to say that so people would think she’s popular and I’m just ever so glad to help out)… sent me “Land of the Burnt Thigh” a great documentary on South Dakota and the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. What a great eye opener that is! I might have to write another historical!!!  (big grin!) I actually already did, there’s one coming out with Barbour in the spring and one coming out in a spring Seeker collection. Honestly, who knew torturing folks with disease and lack of food and sanitation would be this much fun????

What do you have releasing right now?

So right now I’m in two holiday collections, and that’s just more fun than you can imagine…. Hope for the Holidays Historical Collection (A Town Called Christmas) AND Hope for the Holidays Contemporary Collection (Longing for a Miracle) AND…. My fifth Kirkwood Lake book from Love Inspired!!!! “Her Holiday Family” is just the sweetest book, a lovely story of coming home… and finding the hometown roots you never thought you had, just in time for Christmas.

Here's a little bit about Ruthy:

Best-selling, multi-published author Ruthy Logan Herne is most likely tucked in an upstate New York snowdrift right about now, writing more sweet books about the joys of faith, hope and love while cooking stew, herding cats, wiping noses and baking something really good-smelling in her newfangled cookstove! J  She loves God, people, dogs, kids, romance and coffee and manages to put all of the above in her stories, which makes them CROWDED but so fun that people can’t even hardly help but like/love them. She loves hearing from readers and hangin’ with writer buds and readers in Seekerville

Here are the links to find Ruthy's latest releases online!  (Hope for the Holidays Contemporary Collection)  Hope for the Holidays Historical Collection

Here are some great places to find RUTHY online:

Website link

Here's Ruthy's response when I asked if she would like to do a giveaway of one of her books...SOOOOOO Generous!!!!

Yes! I’d like to give away a copy of each Hope for the Holidays collection! One historical and one contemporary!  And two copies of Her Holiday Family, either e-book or signed copy!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the great interview with Ruthy. I feel like I know her better now.

    There's no link to Ruthy's website in the contest entry section. Also there are boxes in all the contest entry for visiting websites but no instructions for what goes into the box. (Sorry if this is a repeat post. My first didn't show up.)

    1. Dawn, this is high tech contesting over here!!!!! YOWZA! These gals don't use a cat dish, do they??? :)

      And honestly, if you want to know me better, come by my house for coffee! It's never a bad idea to BRING CHOCOLATE. ;)

  2. Ruthy, Cheryl St.John and I went to New York this summer and she fell in LOVE! Serious love. I'm surprised we got her back to the good ol' Midwest.

    1. DON'T YOU JUST LOVE IT???? I KNEW I LOVED THAT CHERYL ST. JOHN CHIC!!!! Did you know that Cheryl was one of my advisors about indie publishing??? I should send her a check in the mail, like a payment for services rendered. I WON'T DO THAT, but I should because she was wonderful about encouraging me... Telling me to go for it, talking honestly.

      Of course I'm like a stinkin' puppy, I don't think twice about asking folks to lead me... and in that case it worked wonderfully!!! You guys must have had so much fun! My two boys live down in the financial district, and it's such a treat going there to annoy them.... And eat at fun places and sip Starbuck's on rooftop patios. AND NO FLIES. This country girl noticed that right off, there are really few flies in NYC because they have daily garbage pick up... so no place for flies to develop. That's such a difference because by August on a farm? Oh we have flies!!!!

  3. Wonderful interview. I have big teeth too. You never see me smile with my teeth showing.

    1. Gail, I love that you admitted that! I smile because heck, it's hard to close my mouth, LOL! But pictures from the side, oy, oy, oy!!!! SO BAD!!!! It's funny, they're so bad, but hey, I don't see that view so who cares??? :) Thank you for stoppin' by!

  4. My daughter scolded me. <> ;) She said I made it sound like I didn't love history, and of course I do. I had two boys go to college in Philadelphia and I took the younger kids on weekend field trips to Valley Forge and Independence Park and Fairmount Park and the Art museum and I did the Rocky Balboa scene on the art museum steps, much to the embarrassment of my children! :) I do love history, and I have incredible admiration for the Pilgrims, the colonists and then the pioneers. We're such bit babies by comparison! Oh, God truly blessed us with a rich heritage!!!

  5. Enjoyed the interview and learning more about Ruthy!! Thank you!!

    I love your sense of humor, Ruthy, and would love to read each of the giveaway books!! Checked out your website - you must be a very busy lady, how many children are in your daycare??

    Per the rafflecopter question: my favorite story in Colorado Dawn would probably be Light To My Path because of the children in the story.

    Shared post!!

    1. Aw, thank you for sharing, Bonnie!!!!! My children do not find my humor as amusing. Odd, right???? Big Toothy Ruthy Grin !!!!! We have a cute little crew during the day but I have several of their big brothers and sisters for before and after school care. SO FUN! And they give me story fodder. If you're naughty??? You go in a book!

  6. Hi Ruthy
    Your comment about a naughty child going straight into a book made me laugh. One would think being in a book would be a GOOD thing. Hoping to get a gander at your newest Kirkwood book. I also think you look great in your photos. Just sayin...

  7. I like this one - Sam Mackenzie reluctantly escorts a jobless and homeless Eldora Carter plus three orphaned cross country. :) sounds like a book I'd enjoy!
    dkstevensne AT outlook DOtCoM


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