Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Memories Are Here - #ChristmasOrnaments

One of my favorite things at Christmas is decorating the tree. And while I love beautiful trees glistening in gold sparkles and pearl-white glass bulbs, or maroon ribbon and twig-star ornaments, and even multi-colored lights and silver stars, my favorite type of tree is a mish mash of everything.

Call me traditional. I'm not normally. Well, maybe I am. Sentimental. Just a tad. Not a lot. I don't save things. I toss and recycle and sell. But don't you DARE touch my ornaments. :)

You see, I call my Christmas tree my Memory Tree. All my memories hang in friendly greeting every Christmas. So much so, I can smell the gingerbread my Gramma just pulled from the oven, I can see my brother bored on the couch, I can taste the hot Russian tea, and I can feel the soft welcome of my Aunt's home.

Can I share some memories tonight?

This is a little velvet bird with gold glitter circa 1950-something. It was on my Gramma Wright's
Christmas tree then traveled to my Dad's tree and finally found its home on my tree. Everytime I see it visions of sleigh rides, and my Dad running around in his shoes and stocking cap, listening to the old radio and my Gramma making her infamous gingerbread with lemon sauce .... nostalgia.

I don't know what Sunday School teacher bestowed this on me as a little girl. But I've had it since I was little girl. It's a basic angel, probably from the 80's, but she hangs there every Christmas and reminds me of the little church of 100 members.

Awww, I remember picking this one out when I was around eight. My Great-Uncle Eugene had horrible emphysema and this was how he passed his time: making ornaments. I remember seeing this horse and falling in love. It's been on my tree ever since. 

Sometimes ornaments come with a bittersweet pang. I had one girl-cousin who lived near me and she was ten years old than I was. One Christmas, Kelly made me my own princess ornament. She loved to sew, and create. She was beautiful. An angel. And she became an angel when she passed away at eighteen in a motorcycle accident. I remember Kelly. Every Christmas.

My horrible admission this year? This teddy is from my Gramma on my mom's side. She has dementia. I love this teddy, because she knew me. She's always known me. But she has dementia now. My horrible admission? I'm afraid to go visit her at the home this week. I'm afraid for the first time, she won't know me. But I guess then, it'll be my turn. Because I know her.

My newest ornaments came this year after my little ones came home from their babysitter's with hand/fingerprint snowmen on glass bulbs. We have an awesome babysitter. She even helped Kokomo Jo wrap them. My babies' hands are forever captured.

Do you have a favorite ornament? What Christmas item gives you those nostalgic, Christmas memories?


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I love calling a tree a memory tree.

  2. Every time I see the bubble ornaments I think about my grandparents. They were some of the first ones to have an aluminum silver tree with the turning color wheel. Don't know what ever happened to that ole tree....

  3. Thank you for sharing. I'm not putting up my normal "big" tree this year and only have a small one. When I do put up my big tree, it is decorated with many ornaments and other decorations that bring back memories. it fun just to sit in front of it and reminisce.

  4. Love the idea of the Memory Tree and love sharing your memories, Jaime!!

    I have few ornaments that are very old (perhaps due to my moving frequently over the years??), however, my favorites have always been those that my children have made. As with Gail - my grandparents had an aluminum tree with the rotating color wheel shining on it, and bubble lights. Several years ago, I found and purchased some bubble lights which instantly brought back memories of Christmas with my grandparents.

    Shared post!!


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