Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Release Day! Colorado Dawn!

It is here! It is here! It is here!

Today is the release of my 3-in-1 repackage Colorado Dawn! Squee!

Colorado Dawn is a book containing three of my stories that were previously published as Heartsong Novels: Before the Dawn, Light to my Path, and Stars in Her Eyes.

To help celebrate this new release, we're gonna party all week here and on my FB author page.

Each day this week, I'll blog about one of the stories in this collection, and on Friday, readers will be able to enter to win a super-fun gift basket!

Included in the gift basket:

  • Cool red fabric storage box (Red is best! :))
  • A signed copy of Colorado Dawn
  • A TWENTY movie collection starring the incomparable John Wayne, who is the inspiration for many of my novels.
  • Chocolate in the form of Cordial Cherries, and Ferrero Rocher bon bons.
  • Two holiday scented candles.
  • Two pkgs mint chocolate cocoa
  • Two hand-crocheted star doilies
  • A train Christmas ornament
  • A $15 Starbucks gift card

The entry form will appear on this blog on December 5th, and there will be lots of ways to get your name entered. So be sure to stop back each day!

In an aside, I love the cover of this new release, especially so since friends of mine who took a vacation to hike Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado showed me a picture of the place where my book cover was photographed.

Have you been to Colorado? What's the first thing you think of when someone mentions Colorado?


  1. Congratulations, Erica!! How exciting, And Wow, that is quite the gift basket. I've been to CO a couple times. I have family that live in Colorado Springs, so they really the first thing I think of when I hear Colorado!

    1. Colorado Springs is such a beautiful area. I love Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, but I especially love the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Pioneer History Museum there. :)

  2. How exciting — and what a fun gift basket! I can't wait 'til the 5th! :)

    1. Hi, J. Lynn! thanks so much for stopping by! See you on the 5th, I hope! :)

  3. Congrats, Erica!!

    My son lived in Colorado for several years and I had the opportunity to tour parts of it several years ago. Although there are many beautiful and interesting sites in Colorado, my first thought re: Colorado is always the Rockies. Beautiful mountains in Colorado - although kind of hard to enjoy when driving up some of those narrow mountain roads with no guardrails and steep drop-offs!!

    Such a beautiful gift basket - as much as I love chocolate, candles, cocoa, movies, Christmas and Starbucks, my fave items in the basket would probably be your book and the hand-crocheted doilies - since I don't have either!!

    1. As a native Kansan, those mountain roads that seem to twist right up into the thin air scared me! :)

  4. I'm sure most first thoughts of Colorado go to mountains. I have been there, and I'm sure I should think mountains. But it was so overcast while I traveled through the state with a friend that I never actually SAW mountains. Rather sad really.
    Guess I think of pictures of mountains. Along with that, I think of Focus on the Family.
    I like your book cover, Erica!

    1. Oh, that's too sad! Last time we were there, we wanted to go up Pike's Peak, but it was snowed in and they closed the road. In September. Sigh. :)

      We did tour Focus on the Family. That was fun.

  5. Yay on your release!!! I have been to Colorado once, on a youth group trip from church. Is it sad the only part I remember is the white water rafting?! It was traumatic. LOL


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