Tuesday, November 25, 2014

When Thankful Isn't Good Enough

Sometimes saying "I'm thankful" isn't good enough.

They're just words that express a feeling, an emotion, that can vanish with the onslaught of burdens or trials. Saying "I'm thankful" is a wonderful way to attempt to center our minds, remind ourselves of the Lord's blessings, and refresh our perspectives. But, sometimes, it just isn't good enough.

I don't feel especially thankful for the snow this morning. (and normally I LOVE snow) I don't feel especially thankful as I approach the one year anniversary of a dear friend's passing. I don't desire to say "thank you" to anyone for the separation I feel with the aching distance between me and my sisters. 

Sometimes saying "I'm thankful" isn't good enough.

So I choose joy. As Paul stated, and had far more to be discontent with, "I have learned to be content". In God's all-knowing hand. In God's all-seeing guidance. In God.

Circumstances often don't herald in Thanksgiving as warm and happy and blessed. Some of us struggle with the ache of absence, the bitterness of life circumstance, the pressure of tomorrow and the weight of today. Sometimes being thankful isn't good enough.

Sometimes finding contentment is the Thanksgiving miracle.

Contentment is a surrender to the One who parted waters, who tore down walls, who raised the dead, and who walked on water. Contentment is being willing to rest without answers, trust that the arms that hold you also hold the universe and beyond. Contentment is recognizing that our finite understanding is safe to rest under the canopy of the One who created the atom, the molecule, DNA, and cells. 

Sometimes being content is the most peaceful place to be. And it is good enough.


Jaime Wright - 

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  1. Poignant. These God-breathed words brought a tear this morning. Even on the most joyous of mornings--both my kids come home today. But, I'm still aware I can never assume the creek won't rise. I'm not insulated against any circumstance. But I am sure. I'm sure I'm in God's sovereign care. That let's me breathe when my brain and heart think they're going to run away and start worrying!! Thank you!!

  2. Amen, Jaime!!

    Beautiful words!! Contentment - knowing God has everything under control with plans for our good - is what it's all about!! Thank you!!

    1. Contentment is a wonderful place to be!

  3. Thank you Jaime I needed that reminder. Instead if being angry about things out of my control I will choose to be thankful.


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