Thursday, November 6, 2014

TBT: 1910 Waffle Skillet Restored

My vintage soul wouldn't let my mom throw out this old iron waffle skillet.
It belonged to my grandparents, but was always sticky, and who wants sticky waffles??
My mother-in-law gave me some old iron skillets when we got married and showed me how to season them. So I thought I'd try a hand at restoring this 1910 Wagner Waffle Skillet--a sort of blog/Pinterest experiment!

First, I scrubbed the rust off, using steel wool. The next part of the seasoning involves rubbing a thin layer of vegetable oil on the surface and heating it. This restores a nice patina to the iron.

Next: the test! Time to mix up the batter.

I used a healthy application of olive oil spray and heated pretty hot before pouring in the batter.

Flip it over after a few minutes.

Confession: the first one stuck just a little. This is the second try!
I can hear my husband giving a positive verdict: "This is really yummy, honey!"
That's it. It's a 1910 success, over a 100 years later!

Do you have a love for vintage?
Is there an item you just couldn't let your mother throw out?
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  1. I'm very sentimental, sometimes to my detriment. The vintage I like is the vintage that brings back childhood memories.

  2. Actually, I have some iron cookware in the same condition as yours - when you started. You have inspired me to restore it - thank you, Anne!!


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