Thursday, November 13, 2014

On this day in History #TBT

On November 12, 1892, William "Pudge" Heffelfinger becomes the first professional football player when Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Athletic Association pays him $500 to play as a ringer in a game against its rival Pittsburgh Athletic Club. Before Heffelfinger, players had traded their services on the field for expense money, "double expenses," or trinkets that players could pawn back to the team--but no one had ever openly accepted a cash payment to play football. (Baseball, on the other hand, had been frankly professional for almost 25 years.) For his part, Heffelfinger never acknowledged that he’d taken the payment. He went on to become a prominent insurance executive and congressman from Minnesota.

We love football around our place, and we're a two NFL team family. I'm a Kansas City Chiefs fan and have been for as long as I can remember. I love Arrowhead Stadium, the loud and proud crowd, our history, and the awesome tailgating tradition.

My husband is just as big a fan of his Minnesota Vikings. The Purple People Eaters, The Purple Pride, The Black and Blue Division, and Ragnar, the only non-comic-book mascot in the NFL. When he gives me grief about my Chiefs though, I remind him of who has the most Super Bowl wins: (It's the Chiefs. they have one, which they got by trouncing the Vikings!) 

Ragnar...yup, the helmet, the fur, everything.


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  1. We don't follow pro football so much but we're big Alabama Crimson Tide fans! Big game coming up,Saturday against Miss. St. On CBS at 2:30 pm. Game Day is going to be here that morning in Tuscaloosa. I've got to work but I'm hoping I can catch some of it on my iPhone.

    1. The SEC is so tough this year! Seems like every weekend there is a HUGE game coming out of that division. :)

  2. Basketball seems to be more the game of choice in Ky. - rivals U of L playing U of K every year, the most intense competition I've ever seen. I was never into sports, growing up, although I did play girls volleyball in school, coordination has always been an issue for me.

    That being said - I followed my son through at least 7 years of football in school, and every other sport, also. He would have played college football had a serious injury not been found when he got there. He did continue to play sports for recreation, only, however - now spends most of his free time (as does his wife) supporting and teaching my granddaughter's (my only grandchild and also involved in every sport imaginable) sporting endeavors. She has been a student of a pro softball player for 3-4 years now and wants to pitch professionally. And guess where they live?? The Kansas City area - so they follow all the local pro sports teams, also.

    1. Yay! And I'm crazy about college basketball. Next Tuesday, my beloved Jayhawks take on UK. Rock Chalk Jayhawk! :)


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