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Friday Coffee Chat with Camy Tang Writing as Camille Elliot - Giveaway!

The adorable Camy Tang. I LOVE the pink highlights in her hair.
It is my pleasure to be able to introduce to you my friend and all around sweetie, Camy Tang today for our Coffee Chat. I met Camy several years ago at the ACFW Conference, the same year her Debut Novel Sushi for One won Debut Book of the Year. Camy has written many books in the Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense genres, and now she's branching out into Regency Romances under her pen name Camille Elliot (I LOVE that name!) 

Camy was also the Genesis Contest Coordinator for most of the years that I was a category coordinator, and I loved working with her. She was unflappable! 

She's graciously giving away a copy of her first Regency story, Prelude for a Lord, to one lucky reader today, so be sure to follow the links in the rafflecopter below to enter to win.

 Here at CC&C, were all about the coffee and tea. What is your beverage of choice? 

TEA! I grew up drinking Japanese green tea, but as an adult I prefer black tea, usually flavored and almost always with milk and honey.

Erica Here: Yay! I'm outnumbered here on this blog by the coffee drinkers. :)

All coffees and teas are better with a snack or two. Whats your go-to snack?

I actually have a Snack Closet. :P My favorite, though, is scones. Im not a very good baker so Im still working on my technique.

A whole snack closet? I'm moving in...

Jaime is all about the selfies, so wed love to see a selfie of you. 

Hee Hee! 

Perfect! :)

Anne and Erica are history museum addicts. Can you tell us a little about a history museum that is close to where you live or grew up?

I used to go to the Iolani Palace museum every year when I was growing up in Hawaii. It used to be the home of the kings and queens of Hawaii and it is currently being used for the outside shots of the Hawaii 5-0 team headquarters on the TV series. 

You just made Jaime's day. She LOVES Hawaii 5-0!

Can you tell us a little bit about the research you did while writing The Spinsters Christmas?

This is only my second Regency romance, and I absolutely loved writing it. I got to do research into Christmas in the Regency era in England, which is a bit different from the typical Victorian Christmas trappings that people are familiar with. Researching the food made me totally hungry! I will actually try to make a Christmas pudding this year, Regency-style, and try not to burn down my house when I light it. :)

What does your writing space look like? Do you have an office, a corner of the couch, or do you go to the library or coffee shop?

I have an office and I have two desks—a standing desk and a sitting desk so I can switch between the two. I also have a TV tray for my teapot and teacup. And my snack!

What are you reading right now?

Im in the Christmas mood (imagine that!) and Ive been whittling down my physical TBR pile (lets not even talk about my ebook TBR pile). Right now Im reading a bunch of Regency romance anthologies.  The latest is A Regency Christmas Carol with stories by Mary Balogh, Anne Barbour, Elisabeth Fairchild, Carla Kelly, and Edith Layton. 

I love Carla Kelly! She's a recent discovery for me, and I've enjoyed reading her Napoleonic Navy stories. 

Thank you so much for being here at CC&C today! 

Here's a little bit about Camy, her latest projects, and the book she's giving away today!

Camy writes Christian contemporary romance and romantic suspense as Camy Tang and Regency romance as Camille Elliot. She lives in San Jose, California, with her engineer husband and rambunctious dog. She is a staff worker for her church youth group and leads one of the Sunday worship teams. Visit her websites at and to read free short stories and subscribe to her quarterly newsletter.

Mistletoe Kisses, a Christian romance anthology with Janet Tronstad, Lisa Mondello, Lenora Worth, Margaret Daley, Camille Elliot (that’s my pen name!), Lacy Williams, and Cheryl Wyatt.

It’s on sale for $0.99 only until November 29th!

A new collection from some of your favorite inspirational authors:

From USA Today bestselling author Janet Tronstad, a new retro romance

The Day Gina Rossi Lost Her Yet
Gina Rossi has dreamed of being Marco Scaglia's sweetheart for as long as she can remember. But just when it looks like her dream might come true, her life gets crazy.

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lisa Mondello, a new contemporary romance

The Gift
When Allison Jones finds a small envelope on the ground, CEO Derek Holden accuses her of stealing the money that was supposed to be inside. Knowing what the envelope means for a little girl, Allison is determined to not only fulfill the gift herself, but to prove to Derek that there is more to life than just money. Derek didn't need the simple conventions of life...until he met Allison. He soon learns that a bank account full of money is no match for a heart full of love...

From New York Times bestselling author Lenora Worth, a contemporary romance

A Palm Tree Christmas
When an overworked, heartbroken Atlanta nurse takes a holiday on the Gulf coast, she meets a widower with two adorable children and rethinks what love really means. Together, Clara and Hank rediscover Christmas and maybe the beginning of something more.

From Amazon bestselling author Margaret Daley, a new romantic suspense

Deadly Holiday
Tory Caldwell witnesses a hit-and-run, but when the dead victim disappears from the scene, police doubt a crime has been committed. Tory is threatened when she keeps insisting she saw a man killed and the only one who believes her is her neighbor, Jordan Steele. Together, can they solve the mystery of the disappearing body and stay alive?

From Carol Winner and CBA Bestselling author Pamela Tracy, a new historical romance

Two by Two
In 1880's Arizona Territory, Frank Barlett, a Yuma prison guard, heads to the mining town of Bisbee in order to bury his younger brother Jasper and see that his widow has safe passage home. The widow isn't who or what Frank expected and doesn't have a home to be escorted to. Emmaline Bartlett has a secret or two and every time Frank uncovers one, it's just one more reason he's got to protect her.

From award-winning author Camille Elliot, a new Regency romance

The Spinsters Christmas
Spinster Miranda Belmoore and naval Captain Gerard Foremont, old childhood friends, meet again for a large Christmas party at Wintrell Hall. Miranda is making plans to escape a life of drudgery as a poor relation in her cousins household, while Gerard battles bitterness that his career was cut short by the injury to his knee. However, an enemy has infiltrated the family party, bent on revenge and determined that Twelfth Night will end in someones death ...

From fan favorite author Lacy Williams, a new contemporary cowboy romance

Mistletoe Cowboy
After suffering a career-ending injury, bull rider Justin Michaels has stalled out. At twenty-seven, hes back in college to try and find direction for his life. Valri North is a few credits away from completing her pre-med degree. Shes got her life planned out, until a disastrous assignment in class and a distracting cowboy threaten to derail her carefully-ordered plans.

From award-winning author Cheryl Wyatt, a new contemporary romance

A Refuge Christmas
Refuge police officer Connor Stallings is facing the challenge of his career: new mayor Adrianna White, who wants to restructure his beloved town upside down. Adriannas heart is in the right place, but as she and the handsome police officer clash, they grow close enough to glimpse on their horizon a partnership of vows beyond helping the quirky but close-knit town.

And here are a few places around the web where you can connect with Camy:

Camy's giving away a copy of Prelude for a Lord, (US residents can have either the print or ebook version, outside the US, ebook only) so be sure to enter to win via the form below! Here's a bit about the book:

Bath, England 1810
At twenty-eight, Alethea Sutherton is past her prime for courtship; but social mores have never been her forté. She might be a lady, but she is first and foremost a musician.
In Regency England, however, the violin is considered an inappropriate instrument for a lady. Ostracized by society for her passion, Alethea practices in secret and waits for her chance to flee to the Continent, where she can play without scandal.
But when a thief ’s interest in her violin endangers her and her family, Alethea is determined to discover the enigmatic origins of her instrument … with the help of the dark, brooding Lord Dommick.
Scarred by war, Dommick finds solace only in playing his violin. He is persuaded to help Alethea, and discovers an entirely new yearning in his soul.
Alethea finds her reluctant heart drawn to Dommick in the sweetest of duets . . . just as the thief’s desperation builds to a tragic crescendo . . .

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  1. I just read Prelude for a Lord and LOVED it! It was borrowed though, so I'd be very happy to win my own copy to read over again. :-)

    kymtmd at gmail

    1. Aw thanks so much Kym! I'm so glad you liked it!

  2. I LOVE Camy's writings... :) Been a big fan for a while (Sushi for One?). I really look forward to reading Prelude for a Lord... my TBR pile is huge too!!

    I really enjoyed this interview. My only question throughout it is this-- when you are doing your own "reading for pleasure" do you worry that you might turn your own writing in the direction of the book you are reading if it's in the same genre? I think I would worry about that.

    my contact info is: ladettek at gmail dot com


    1. Thanks Ladette! Actually, I like to read Regencies while writing my Regencies because it helps me get the dialogue cadence just right. I'm not usually impacted storywise by the books I read.

  3. One of THE best selfies ever!! Go Camy! And seriously, how come NO ONE told me Camille Elliot was YOU?! Because I've been eyeing this "debut author" and thinking of ordering, but leery to because of that whole high expectation and then crashing down issue. BUT NOW!??! Oh yeah. I just ordered it. Shabang!! Way stinkin' cool

    1. Thank you Jaime!!!!! I hope you like it!

  4. I imagine scones are hard to make and bake. Look at me going straight for the food issue! Would love to win this book. tumcsec(at)gmail(dot)com

    1. I'm all about the food too, Gail! :)

  5. Hi, Camy!!

    Enjoyed learning more about you and your writing - thank you!! Love the story line for "Prelude For a Lord" - I'm thinking I have to have the Christmas novella collection also, LOL!!


    Shared post!!

    1. Thanks Bonnie! I hope you enjoy my Christmas novella! It's only $0.99 only until November 30th (the 29th is a typo)

  6. I hope I win!!!!


  7. Thanks so much for the interview, guys! It was totally fun!

  8. What a fun interview. Enjoyed learning more about you and your writing.

  9. Loved getting to know Camy in this interview! I Love romance stories! Hope to win!!

  10. So cute! Great interview!
    Simplyliz2001 at yahoo dot com

  11. I look forward to reading this book. I enjoyed reading this interview and learning more about Camy and her new book. d[dot]brookmyer[at]yahoo[dot]com

  12. Hi Camy! I've been looking all over for your book and haven't found it yet! I honestly didn't actually know it was yours, I was just super excited to read it. Thank you so much for the chance to win! :)
    I also preordered the eBook collection - thanks for sharing that with us! I somehow missed hearing about it. All of the books in it sound great!

    Hope y'all have a great Sunday!



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