Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#FACEme Tour: Dare To Show Your Beauty - Jaime Wright

Annnnnd the mirror cracked. That morning. That awful morning I looked into it and chanted the mantra of the Evil Queen: "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?" It cracked. Into a million pieces. And behind it, scrawled in black cursive, beautiful and looped, was poetry at its most elegant: "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

Did I believe that?

Would you? With THIS face?

I think we can all relate. This is why we spend hundreds on mascara to increase the length of our lashes. AW! Who am I kidding? Length is secondary, I just like to look like I have eyelashes.

What does it mean? To be wonderfully made?

won·der·ful  (wndr-fl)
1. Capable of eliciting wonder; astonishing
2. Admirable; excellent: 

Did you read that! "Capable of eliciting wonder". Yep. I sure elicit wonder when I walk out of the house looking like this. Wait. That's not what that meant. See how we take something so positive and instantly throw in a negative twist? WONDER! 

This means the type of reaction one receives when gazing at a beautiful sunset, staring at the newborn wrapped in a flannel, burying your nose in the soft petals of a rose ... it is beauty. 

No I'm not saying throw your Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Maybelline in the trash. But it's time you stop staring at your mirrored image and being convinced its trash! I know some women who refuse to go outside the home without being sure they have their make up on. 

What are we doing? We are cursing God's creation. We are saying He screwed up, messed up,
his pencil slipped when he designed me. It sure didn't slip when he designed that beauty over there, but me? Did He even LOOK at what He was creating?

Oh Yes, my friend. He did. "And He saw that it was good".

So today. Pocket your lip gloss, put your eyeliner in the drawer, thank the Lord for your
freckles, your shadows under your eyes, your zit, your scar, your short lashes, your pale lips, and know...

YOU ARE WONDERFULLY MADE! You are a reflection of GOD! Made in HIS IMAGE!
...my soul knows it full well ...

Now go show off God's amazing work! Make sure today, the world can see how AMAZING God is. May we praise Him through the
wonders of His work. Post a pic on Facebook or Twitter, hashtag it #FACEme and let's DO this! Let's praise HIM for we are wonderfully made.

And don't forget to visit the others on this tour too. They're all DARING TO SHOW THEIR BEAUTY today too and have special messages for each of you!

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  1. "It sure didn't slip when he designed that beauty over there, but me? Did He even LOOK at what He was creating?

    Oh Yes, my friend. He did. "And He saw that it was good"."

    Loooove this, my friend! Love the reminder that we are God's creation...His most beautiful one.

    1. Hasn't this been a day of refreshment!? Loved all the posts!

  2. Love your heart, Jaime! Thanks for the push to celebrate who we really are!

  3. I love everything about this blog tour. You're doing right, my BEAUTIFUL friend. <3 <3 <3

  4. So love that you chose to see God's beauty His way... it's a great journey all people need to take...

    1. It's a great way to live, isn't it? Looking for God's beauty in everything instead of pointing out the imperfections?

  5. You, my friend, are beautiful! I love love love this entire tour!

    1. ISN'T it a GREAT tour!?!? I'm floored. Such encouragement!

  6. Thank you for your prompting to organize this tour. The timing was a gentle nudge that I needed to share my own story. =)

    1. and your story is beautifully written ... by God's hand!

  7. Love this tour, Jaime - and loved reading the other author posts on it, also!! We ALL need reminders of our beauty in God's eyes - from time to time. Thank you!!

    You look even more like Cole - in these pics!! How could you be any more beautiful than that?? Beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder - I've seen people who were very unattractive, outwardly, when I first saw them, but became beautiful to me because of their inner beauty. You have both inward and outward beauty, my dear!! Love and hugs!!

  8. That's so true, Jaime. When we diss ourselves (and how many times a day do we do that??), we're actually telling God He messed up. Wow. Good thing to keep in mind when those nasty comments try to come to the surface,

  9. Thank you for starting this Jaime! It's so freeing PLUS what they say is true, strength in numbers! I love that we have all come together to be BRAVE in our beauty! <3

    1. The numbers HAVE made this way easier. Totally agree! LOL :)

  10. Your pics. have personality+ and are so lovely! THANK YOU for the blog tour idea. It's meant so much to all of us. You have helped us to be brave, be bold, and ROCK our God-given selves! <3

    1. :) An we ROCKED it for God! To HIM be the glory, yes?? Hugs, dear Kristy!

  11. Yay! Thank you for putting this blog tour together, Jaime. It's been so amazing to talk to people who've read through the posts today and been encouraged. I love your pictures! I love that you embraced this challenge and let your personality shine through your photos. You are beautiful! Your eyes pop in those pictures!

    1. LOL :) It was fun, wasn't it?? So glad it blessed people too!


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