Monday, October 13, 2014

Why Coffee Cups?

Why not? 

Is it really a question? We don't think so.

Here at CoffeeCupsAndCamisoles, we strive to create a virtual coffee shop feel. We want our readers to come away with the feeling of having just sat in the coffee shop with us for a while, talking about life, faith, and the written word.

Why do we post daily?

Isn't a coffee shop open daly? How else will we get to know you?

We decided there are plenty of blogs by writers that talk about writing. Our goal is to get to know readers, and to create a community of book lovers here.

At home, I have two favorite coffee houses I like to frequent to write or meet a friend. In my home town, the coffee house is on the main square: Main Street Coffee House in Nappanee, Indiana.

I love the cozy feeling when you step inside,

and the smell of freshly ground coffee beans...

My favorite order is baked oatmeal, and a bottomless mug of coffee!

I love it that the coffee house is the new front porch of our century!
Just imagine we are all huddled around a table together, sharing about life, faith, and words.

Share your favorite local coffee house.
What is your favorite thing about going there?


  1. My favorite coffee house is not in my town, but a neighboring one - It's called the Grindhouse Cafe. They carry such a wonderful selection of coffees, and it's made anyway you like it. When you walk in, you feel right at home. It's a great place to read or write.

  2. Oh Loree, I'll be that's not too far for me to drive to some day! :)

  3. And I love the cozy feeling of your post and those pics, dear Anne!!

    I live in a very small town - there is no coffee shop, per se, here. Only fast-food restaurants and a local diner, not quite the same feel - I would have to drive a number of miles for that. So - will just continue enjoying the coffee shop feel of this blog!! I'll be in touch for a chat at YOUR local coffee shop when I make it up your way again. Love that you can get baked oatmeal at yours - sounds delish!! Hugs!!

    1. No coffee shop?? Oh no! Yes, let me know if you are my way and we will have REAL coffee! Hugs.

  4. My local coffee shop haunt is Dunn Bros. where they roast and grind their own beans. I don't drink coffee, but I love the smell, and when I come home from a few hours of writing at the coffee shop, my hair smells like coffee. :) Even my laptop bag has a freshly-ground arabica aroma. :)

  5. My fav coffee shop is Crossroads Books & Coffee - a two-for-one, coffee shop and Christian bookstore. Could you ask for anything more? I love that most of the baristas know that I'm a diabetic and have some heart issues (the physical kind) and that they will always make mine decaf and sugar-free...even if I want to cheat and have something I shouldn't. They simply smile and make it the way it should be. That's tough love! :)

  6. We moved to Nappanee about 4 years ago. Love Main Street Coffee House! There is nothing I don't love about this small town.


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