Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When You Need An Escape

Some days you need to escape...just to think. That's where I'm at. With my job, my home, my church, and my writing. I just need to have a moment to breathe.

You know those moments. Like when you're running a marathon (who am I kidding? I don't even run a 1/2 mile!) and you stop for breath, hands braced against your knees, gasping. You stare at the asphalt and your well worn tennis shoes and wonder how many more miles stretch before you. So you need to get your bearings. You pause. People race by and suddenly...you don't care.

Yep. That's been my life lately. Hence, the late posting of this blog today. Insanity. Thankfully, I have aRecenter. Rejuvenate. Over coffee, and over-stuffed chairs, and moments of respite to look at my writing, then return to my work, then close my eyes and listen to some good Indie acoustic music.
very understanding boss who lets his Director of Sales & Development escape. To my loft. My secret hideaway. He knows. He's smart. More work will be accomplished here today than probably the rest of the week. I come alive on days I can escape.

Yes. This is good. I need today.

Do you ever need a day to rejuvenate? Do you ever get them? Where do you go or what do you do?


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  1. We go camping just to get away for a couple of days like this past weekend. I love fall camping the best and this past weekend was wonderful!

  2. I do! I know just how you feel. I'm glad you have a quiet place to escape and reevaluate and get your breath back.

  3. Definitely! I'm an introvert, so I probably need them more often than normal people. I usually just curl up in a quiet place with a warm blanket and either sleep or read. I just need space to destress and relax for a while where there is no pressure or expectations. I used to go out behind our house to the little creek we have and sit on a rock and listen to the water flow. But the woods are too overgrown now and I have this aversion to snakes. :)

    I'll keep you in my prayers, Jaime!

  4. Believe it or not - going to my bedroom where my desk top is located, getting online and reaping the support/encouragement of friends while listening to my Christian music and having a snack/favorite beverage is a great de-stressor for me. Even though I live alone, my bedroom is my haven. Another spot is my recliner in the living room - reading. Spending time with friends, or traveling, are other things that relax me. And prayer is a huge help.

    Praying for you and your busy life, Jaime!!


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