Tuesday, October 21, 2014

San Diego & Sun

Hello from San Diego!! Sunny, 70's and so not the Wisconsin autumn I'm accustomed to. I'm here for a work conference, although one may argue I haven't been doing the a-typical work normally associated with a conference. (Especially if you've been watching the nauseating amounts of selfies I've posted to my FB page).

When I haven't been yachting or hanging out on the baseball field in Petco park, I've been attending sessions about coaching for performance, managing managers, and developing statistics that make sense to your sales front. Which is ironic, because for me to do that, I'd need to make sense of statistics first and that, my friend, is not happening any time soon.

So what's the point in this horribly self-centered blog post where you're all saying "PLEASE stop talking about your trip"?

Here's a few bits of wisdom I'll impart to you:

1. Always, always wear sunscreen on a yacht. Always. Or you'll end up looking like a red glow stick on steroids.

2. Always, always refrain from drinking at parties in Petco Park. The entertainment garnered from folks well on their way to brilliant idiocy is awe-haw-some....and a tad sad.

3. Never, ever call your four year old little girl. It puts her into tears when she realizes you're not coming home today and makes what was a tolerable situation for your husband, much much worse. (Hey, I can't help it if I'm popular with my kids!)

4. Never, ever forget your moisturizer unless you want to walk ten city blocks to the nearest pharmacy
-- or borrow cuticle cream from your male coworker and slather it on your forehead. (yes. yes, I did)

All in all, I am garnering a lot of info for writing. I might have to switch to writing a contemporary romance with suspense because I thought up about fifty ways to murder someone on yacht. Really. It's quite ingenious.

What are your off the wall travel "always" and "nevers"? C'mon. I know you have some! I need at least  ten comments on here (1/per) and if I get them, I'll draw for a random winner of some coffee!


  1. Always bring a jacket, even if you're sure you won't need it. Never forget your camera!

    1. I DID remember a jacket and my camera is on my phone. but I hear you. I've forgotten both before!!!!

  2. Always bring reading material. You never know when you might get stuck in some horrific traffic and need something to do other than bang your head on the steering wheel.
    Never forget a jacket. The forecast might be sunny and warm, but the weather can change quite quickly and the weather people could be wrong (I know, bit shocker there, right?). Also, if you're cold natured, like me, you may need it to survive the AC your traveling companions require.

    1. AMEN!!! to the reading material. I forgot once and was MISERABLE! :)

  3. Hi, Jaime!!

    Sounds like you're having fun at your "work" conference - kudos to you, you deserve it and I'll even forgive you for breaking Chloe's heart (LOL)!!

    I don't travel near as much as I did in the '80's - even though it's one of my favorite things to do. I've done a lot of traveling alone, and have had several narrow escapes. It's thanks to the Good Lord that I'm here today: (1) never go to a concert on a mountaintop, in W.V., at night and attempt driving down after the fog starts rolling in, (2) when you're driving toward New Orleans and it becomes extremely windy outside, do turn off your CD's and turn the weather station on - you could be headed into a hurricane, (3) always be alert when exiting interstates and circling under overpasses and making a turn up the other side, in Tx. - you may just be confronted with a cowboy on a horse, herding cattle, in the middle of the road, just a few feet from your front bumper, (4) never leave your camera lying on the back seat (this was the '80's, before the addiction to cell phones - remember??) near the door, where it will fall out onto the pavement when you reach home - after traveling hundreds of miles and stopping along the road to take thousands of pics - and knock the flash out of sync, costing so much to repair that it's cheaper to buy a new camera.

    I'm sure I could come up with many more travel "do's and don'ts" - but you get the picture (pun intended), LOL!!

    1. You sound like you have a WEALTH of traveling stories!!!!!


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