Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How To Deal With Chaos

Because I have all the answers, I decided to discuss chaos today. Actually, I lied. I don't have all the answers except HOW to create chaos. One of the questions several of you have asked me is: how do I find the time to write? My answer? I have no clue.

As a full time Director of Sales, Development and Associate Relations in a company of 60+ employees, I am kept hopping at work. My husband is a youth pastor -- welcome to life on church staff, your time is now no longer your own. (But we love our church!) We have Kokomo Jo's daily runs to preschool now and Peter Pan is still stuck in "I'm a baby" mode. And then, there's the whole, nobody stays at home issue, so the laundry still needs done, the house still needs managed, the wood still needs cut to heat the house, the toys still need picked up, and the spiders still need killed before I have a heart attack.

So how do I deal with chaos, might be the more accurate question.

You know. The answer is simple. It's the applying it, that's often not. I purchased a plaque at the Christian bookstore lately that is intended to slap me in the face everytime I walk into my kitchen.

Be Still.
I am God.


We TRY to control chaos. Or deal with it. At least I do. But it's all for naught really. It often becomes more chaotic, stressful and horrible as I go. I have two planners, a iPhone, and a family calendar. Chaos. I have weekly meetings with my husband to go over our agenda. Chaos. I have school/parent meetings. Chaos. I have employee meetings. Chaos.

Until I stop.

God is in control. I know it sounds simplistic. Cliche, maybe. But it's true. When I have book deadlines due, (and I've had five in the last six months between a book and novella proposals), somehow, when I offer my writing up to the Lord, the time just ... appears. Or it doesn't. And when it doesn't, I am forced to step back and instead of demanding "why", I look to find what He wants me to see.

My children.
My husband.
My eternal investments.


Sometimes our chaos is sinful. Really. Not that we can control IT, so much, but that we can submit US. To the Lord. In the middle of the storm. Let Him calm. Allow Him to bring from it what HE wants, not what I want. The idea that I have any impact on the outcome of my life is prideful. The stress I put on my husband when my writing and personal agenda takes center place in my heart is ... black and evil. But, when, fully submitted, to being still and letting the world swirl around me I find these truths to be ...well, true:

1. God is more real, more alive, more poignant
2. My husband is more invested in my writing and my personal goals
3. My children are less whiny and more content.
4. I am happy.

How do YOU deal with chaos??


  1. Excellent post Jaime, thanks for the reminder! (Coffee helps deal with it too, but then, you already knew that.)

    1. True that. I figured I'd give my coffee advertisements a rest for one blog post ;)

  2. Wonderful post, Jaime!!

    The way I deal with chaos is to communicate/spend time with my Christian friends, listen to Christian music, read an inspirational book, do something for others, avail myself to nature and most importantly - prayer, scripture and "alone" time with my Lord!!

    1. AWESOME!!! And so true!! that fellowship is HUGE to get us through

  3. Oh dreaded chaos. How I deal worth it is prayer. Lots of prayer. And lists!

    1. LOTS of prayer!! Agreed. And yeah, the lists thing is almost a must ;)


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