Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Happy October! It's Goal Setting Day!

One of my Amur Maple trees in full October splendor.
Happy October First! Can you believe this year is racing toward a close so quickly? As a company bookkeeper, I'm finishing up all the government paperwork that goes along with the ending of the third quarter, and as a writer, I'm evaluating and setting my goals again. Here are the goals I set out last month. 

  • Short Term Goals (September)
  1. Finish revisions on The Archaeologist's Find novella and turn it in to my editor by 9/15. Check!
  2. Prepare pitch/conference materials for ACFW Conference Check!
  3. Attend ACFW Conference the third week of Sept. Check!
  4. Begin A Bride for Bear novella due 11/1. Check!
I was able to SLAY my September goals. Very happy about this! I managed to write the first half of A Bride for Bear, so I have about 10K words to go to finish this one up. It feels as if it is going to go long, so I'll have to do some cutting, but I'll write it first and cut later. 

  • Short Term Goals (October)

    • Finish A Bride for Bear and turn it in by the deadline of November 1st
    • Speak at the Minnesota Christian Writer's Guild in the Twin Cities with fellow MN authors Jill Nelson and Michelle Griep October 13th
    • Finish two novella proposals and turn them in by October 15th
    • Plot out The Cattle Queen Caper (formerly The Damsel and the Detective) as my NaNo Project.
    • Fly to Florida for two weeks and help my father through his cancer surgery recovery.

    As you can see, it's another busy month for me. Is it a busy month for you? I'd love to hear of one goal you're setting for yourself this next month, and it doesn't have to be writing related. 

    And stop in tomorrow to share a cup of cyber-coffee or tea with our guest blogger, debut author Sally Bradley! She'll be giving away a copy of her contemporary romance Kept on Friday. Drop in and get to know a little about Sally, and on Friday, come back for a chance to win a copy of her book!


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  1. Speaking of ailing elders - two of my goals are to find a permanent caretaker for my aunt, and help my Mom through her recent fall. Will also be reading/reviewing, celebrating my father's 93rd birthday, and spending time with house guests.

    Prayers for your father's healing, Erica!!

  2. Thank you for your prayers, Bonnie! So sorry your mom had a fall. I hope she's on her way to recovery. And I hope you are able to find the perfect caregiver for you aunt and that they will bless each other.

  3. My goal? Survive my new job. LOL Not really. It's not that bad. :) My actual goal is to begin spending more time in the Word and in prayer. I want to be more aware of the Spirit's leading and I believe that starts with spending more time with the Lord.


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