Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Book Hooks - A Novel in 30 Words

Okay, this picture is just for fun.
It has nothing to do with the post topic,
but I stitched it on Sunday, and it makes
me laugh.
So, one of the things a novelist has to do is take their entire novel, characters, subplots, settings, themes, etc. and distill them down to a 30-50 word hook. This is sometimes known as the elevator pitch (something short enough to garner the attention of an agent or editor in no more time than it takes to travel in an elevator) or a book blurb.

The purpose of the hook is to grab a reader's attention, to set up the characters and the premise of the story in such a way that a reader would want to know more.

This can be a daunting task for a novelist. After all, a novel is a complex thing with many characters and settings and subplots and themes. I've found though, that if I can't distill my plot into a short hook fairly easily, then I don't know what my story is about.

Here are some blurbs from popular movies. Can you match the movie to the blurb?

A boy from distant planet finds himself on earth with super powers and in love with his reporter co-worker. 

 A child befriends an alien being whose only desire is to return to his native planet.

 An archaeologist searches for a fantastic biblical artifact and finds that the Nazi government is involved.


  1. EEEESH!!! I still had to think of a few of these. LOLOL My brain--only 1 cup of coffee--not working

    1. I had to think on a few of them, too. :) Maybe I should've had some coffee. :D

  2. Interesting post, Erica, thanks!! And I think I got all those blurbs!!


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