Tuesday, September 16, 2014

When Anticipation and Hope Take Center Stage

Morning!!! Today is a day of excitement!!!

We writers are drilling down on almost 1 week before our big conference gathering! Are you excited? You should be!!! I'll be hosting GIVEAWAYS on my Facebook page all week long to celebrate. And you can follow our footsteps as we travel through the world of all things writerly. And it's fun to see who we run into. Last year I photobombed Frank Peretti. Actually, I asked permission to get a pic with him while inwardly melting in the presence of literary greatness.

Meanwhile...as we await our leaving for St. Louis, I am pressing "send" on my book. YES! It is FINISHED!! The battle is over ... to write it, that is. So what does this mean?

Pressing "send" is Step 432 in the book writing process. It will be delivered to my agent's inbox at which point she may read it if she has time or she may just peruse my accompanying proposal. Then she will strategize what publishers might want to take a bite  and she'll start pitching it. Then the waiting game begins.

DID YOU KNOW? that it could take years before a written and agented book actually gets signed to be published? (and no promises it ever will)

DID YOU KNOW? if said book is contracted, it typically takes at least 1 year from contract signing to publication date? Maybe less if everyone rushes, maybe more if there's a marketing strategy that makes a particular date especially better.

DID YOU KNOW? this is why writers drink coffee? To survive. It's a waiting game. But a fun one, if you have the right perspective. Because God's got this. My writing a book to sit in cyberland for the potential of months and years is not a waste of time. It was a great lesson in dedication and realizing that you really DO need the Lord's input when trying to piece a book together in five months.

So that's where I'm at this week. Going to press "send" here in a bit. Breathe a prayer over it with me...

What big things in life do you anticipate with hope?


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  1. YAY this is a fun post. Can't wait to see you next week. I'm soooo pumped. ACFW is like one long party to me. :)

    The big thing in life I'm anticipating with hope at the moment is finishing rewrites on book three sometime in the next month. EEK this one's been a toughie. Like, seriously the hardest thing I've written. But I'm hopeful about it. :)

    1. I KNOW!!! Partay time!! WOOT WOOT! Bring your Bauer shirt -- at least for a five minute selfie-shoot with me ;) I hear you on the hardest book ever. This was mine too. Like REALLY hard. And not because of time constraints. It's my fifth novel and the heroine was so NOT like me I had a hard time getting into her head. But the hero?? I swooned. ;)

  2. YAY! SO proud of you! It takes a special person to write a whole book in 4-5 months while working full-time, supporting her youth pastor husband, and raising two busy children! It takes a VERY SPECIAL person to write a book that good <3

  3. Jaime, I'm looking forward to reading your books when they are published! I hope and pray that it will happen soon. :)

  4. Aww, have fun!!! What a fun experience every year. I'm jealous of that. :)
    Hmm, what big thing do I anticipate with hope? Um....wow, nothing comes to mind right away. Is that a bad thing?!! LOL

  5. I'm so excited to see you in a week!!!!! Love that you're now a Bookie and we share the same agent. Ahhh!!!!! Can't wait. :)

    I found myself nodding over and over as I read your post. It's a waiting game, but nothing is ever wasted. I'm so thankful we both have an awesome agent who has our best interest at heart. Makes the waiting a bit easier. :)

  6. So proud of you! Can't wait until our babies are sharing a certain editor's desk together ;-) (or maybe just hard drive space but I'm imagining them all printed out and snuggled up close!)

  7. Aww - from everything I've read and heard the last couple of years, I know writing has to be hard work - requiring much patience, determination, inspiration, and so many other things. I'm looking forward to all those books that will eventually be published and thank each of you for all you offer and sacrifice for the sake of writing wonderful books to inspire others.

    I've been told, by several well-known Christian fiction authors, I should write - one is praying, in fact, for that to happen. If God wills it - it will happen, however, I'm 70 years old and He will need to supply the patience, determination, and encouragement, etc. it requires.

    Kara, loved your touching comment re: your babies snuggled up close - and yes, Jaime - I'm excited to see/hear about all the happenings at ACFW this year!!

    One of my big anticipations is seeing the adult my beautiful granddaughter will become.


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