Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The best laid plans...

Photo: Happiness is reading galley proofs and being reminded how much you like a story. :) Can't wait for this one to release in December.  #HelloOldFriend #YayForReprints

So, last week I posted my goals for the upcoming months, my well-thought out strategies that would see me comfortably accomplishing all that I hoped to.

And I was fixin' to accomplish one of those goals, finishing The Archaeologist's Find, when KABOOM!

Yeah. Then with a loud thud, galley proofs for Colorado Dawn arrived in my inbox. Galley proofs are the final step before a book goes to print. It is an author's last chance to read through every word looking to catch anything that needs to be changed or corrected. It's detailed, time-consuming work that requires a fair bit of concentration.

So, I'm already a bit behind in my goals, so I have some make-up work to do. But I got a chance to revisit three of my stories that I hadn't read through in about four years.

And imagine my surprise when a friend on Facebook showed me a picture from her vacation that she recognized as being taken at the same lake as the cover picture of Colorado Dawn. Thank you, Tammy Roberson, for this lovely picture of Jewel Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I love it!

Isn't that cool?

Have you ever been to the Rocky Mountains? Have you been to RMNP?

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  1. That's so fun Erica!! Yes, I've been to RMNP. We used to visit Colorado every year when I was a kid. I often hear the mountains calling. I miss them!

    1. I've been to Colorado several times, but not to RMNP. Last spring we drove through the Eisenhower Tunnel and over to the west side. 85 degrees in Denver and snowed on in Vail. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Melissa! I love this cover. It might be my favorite. :)

  3. Yes!! I LOVE Colorado and RMNP!! We lived in CO for 10 yrs and I MISS it!! :) The book looks wonderful! Love that cover.

    1. Hi, Ladette! As a native Kansan now residing in MN, those mountains fascinate me! They loom so!

  4. Never been further west than New Orleans. Yes, I agree, it's a beautiful book cover and how amazing that the photo is the same!

    1. Until last summer, I'd never been further west than Pike's Peak, but then we took a trip to the Grand Canyon. Now I'm plotting how to get out there again. I want to see Bryce and Zion National Parks and drive among the Redwoods in Northern California and dabble my toes in the Pacific. :)

  5. I've been to RMNP and it's beautiful!! It's amazing how the terrain changes as you climb up the mountains - as you said, hot weather at the bottom and a literal snowstorm with a foot of snow at the top - when I was there.

    I loved the old western towns but not the narrow 2 lane roads (with no guard rails), right on the edge of the mountains, that I drove to get there. TERRIFYING!! Colorado is a beautiful state - I also enjoyed the sand dunes, hot springs, Red Rocks, the incline ride to Pikes Peak, and the Indian caves in the side of the mountains. The chapel at the Air Force Academy is very pretty and unusual, I wanted to tour the Focus on the Family building - but couldn't locate it and didn't have time to look further.

    The next time you go to Colorado, Erica - maybe Casey Herringshaw can give you a guided tour of the things you want to see. She should be well acclimated by then.

    1. That is an excellent idea! Casey is a sweetie.

      I remember as a kid visiting the Royal Gorge Bridge and driving up some of those 'cliffhanger' roads. Yikes!!


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