Thursday, September 4, 2014

TBT: Garden Heirlooms

The summer is over and it's time for the leaves to turn. I'm still savoring the last blooms of the season. Do you have a flower garden you enjoy at home or like to visit? Today's TBT is of my great grandmother's heirloom tiger lilies. Mom brought seed starts with her when she moved from Michigan to Indiana, and my kids transplanted a few seeds to our house.

How does your garden grow? Share your favorite things about summer flowers and heirlooms.
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  1. My grandmother had tiger Lillie's around her porch. They always fascinated me as a child. I thought it looked like little legs with black shoes sticking out from the center. I can't grow a thing but weeds, and they die sometimes.

    1. I remember playing with the little "shoes" and they make your fingers yellow. :)

  2. Those tiger lilies are beautiful, Anne!! Thanks for those pics!!

    I'm afraid I'm kin to Gail in that I, also, kill flowers and plants - I either water them too much or too little. I dearly love to view them, but don't enjoy the gardening process - I'm just not a person who enjoys getting dirty and sweaty (and I grew up on a farm, go figure, lol), although I did my share of tractor driving, tobacco stripping, chicken raising, and preparing/canning fresh foods,etc. when I was young.

    To complicate the situation - I live in a condo community and have little lawn space and have health/mobility issues which prevent my kneeling and limit my being outside in the heat for long periods of time or walking on unlevel ground. My mother, aunt, sister-in-law, and grandmother all have/had "green thumbs" and have/had beautiful lawns and flower gardens - I love enjoying theirs, but find it rather discouraging when I get back home and look at mine. I crowd my tiny front porch and patio with hanging baskets and potted flowers and ferns - however, most of them are gone for this summer season.

    1. Oh I love ferns, but I can't grow the potted ones. We have some growing in the yard that are perennial though.


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