Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Behind the Scenes at a Writer's Conference

Me an' my partner in red: Erica
Myself and Colleen Coble, my
beautiful, loving, amazing mentor!
Oh the joys of this last weekend!! I hope you all were able to follow the journey on my FB page, but then the wifi at the hotel was working really odd and I wasn't able to do NEARLY as much posting as I wanted to.

But Anne summed it up in some really great bullet points in yesterday's post. Fellowship. Meetings. Networking. Wonderful worship. Etc. See, this is what separates ACFW from other writer's conferences. And, I want to be sure this distinction is made: GOD IS HERE! It is a conference of 50+ writers SHARING their ideas and goals, praying together in the hallways, worship and bonding, fellowshipping and seeking God's glory.

Mary Connealy, Myself, & Genesis Winner, Laurie Tomlinson
So what happened to me at conference? Several things. My agent (beautiful woman that she is) was unable to attend so she held my hand via text messaging. What a lady!! With all of her clients, several of whom were at the same conference, she was texting us all and helping us muddle through our pitches. What are pitches? 15 minutes to tell an editor what your book is about and hope you make them interested. :) No pressure.
Ronie Kendig, one of my favorite authors
and one of my favorite people!

I met some wonderful editors. And I had blessings for results. All of them I spoke to were intrigued by my book. That's always a good thing. Interest. LOL But the process will not be fast so don't keep refreshing the page. But I am praying the Lord will continue to open doors as my agent and I prepare my proposal to send off in the next month.

A beautiful young writer with great ideas! 
Aside from this, I enjoyed seeing dear friends, my sweet mentor, and Erica and Anne! Such a fun time!!

I was able to help man the prayer room and pray with some beautiful ladies and writers whose hearts were all in the same bent....to honor and glorify the Lord with the gifts He has given them.

Anne and I hamming it up
What a blessing!! I'm still a tad overwhelmed by the community of writers who author the stories we read for clean entertainment, encouragement, growth and inspiration.

Leave a comment with any questions you have about the writer's conference!


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  1. No question but I've really enjoyed seeing all your pictures. Still waiting on that autographed 8X10 glossy of you and Colleen!

  2. I enjoyed your post and all the pics you took during the conference, Jaime - I am in awe of the beautiful Godly spirit that must be there, blessed by the friendship of it's authors/writers, and inspired by their writing!! Praying for fruitful results from contacts made!!


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