Monday, September 29, 2014

ACFW 2014 Recap

The winner of last week's giveaway of Laura Frantz's book is Caryl! 
For writers, ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) annual conference is something we look forward to all year long. It's almost like church camp. This year it was in St. Louis, MO. Here's a little view of what we do at a writing conference--because we don't really go there to sit around writing the whole weekend...

The first night, I spent the night with my dear friend from college and then met Jaime half way the following morning. 

Reuniting with Erica Vetsch and many others was so much fun.  

Activities at the conference include workshops and worship, as well as appointments with agents, editors, and mentors. We were blessed to have a bookstore and a prayer room set up also. Before appointments, writers sit to practice their pitches. If you've never been to anything like this, it's almost akin to auditioning for The Voice, only it's writing instead of singing. The writer has fifteen minutes to introduce herself (or himself), the story in a nutshell, and then offer a few pages of sample chapters to read. Then we have the opportunity to interview the agent or editor about feedback, market trends, and a potential "fit" to pursue in the following months. Names, numbers, business cards are exchanged. 

On the final evening, we gather in the banquet hall in our finest formal wear to celebrate the annual Awards Gala. Unpublished author winners are announced for each genre category of the Genesis Contest. Published author winners of the Carol Awards are also announced among other awards.

This year, Laurie Tomlinson won in her category. We enjoyed sitting together with her to cheer her on while Casey Herringshaw announced the winners. 

Now we come down off the mountain to the real world and review our goals. Once again it's back to the keyboard for more edits, rewrites, and brainstorming. 

My favorite things? 
--Visiting in person instead of online
--Getting perspective
--Prayer opportunities
--Divine appointments
--God's agenda
--Meeting new people
--Being challenged
--Being reminded about the importance of words
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  1. Thanks for the post and pics, Anne!!

    Sounds like a joyful, inspiring, educational, event of wonderful opportunities - a tad hard to end and get back to every-day life, I'm sure!!

    P.S. Love your beautiful gala dress!!

    1. Yes, it will take a little time to readjust to reality!

  2. Such a great time!!! I loved seeing you and hanging out with you and Jaime and everybody! :)

    1. Me too. I love your humor and story ideas. I had a great time visiting and getting to know you better! :)


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