Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday's Top 10

What fun questions you all posed on Friday! And who woulda predicted there would be 10 questions posted. So here goes my answers to your top 10 inquiries:

Julie Baker asked:
Where did you get the inspiration for the book you just completed?

Wow. That's a loaded question. Inspiration came from a number of areas. First, was my insatiable desire to help women find the balance between having their own strong identity but also reconciling that with the fact that our identiy is forever grounded in not who we are as our own person, but who God is in us. Therein, we find fulfillment as the Creator of the universe is personally injected into our lives and concerned with who we are. Perfection not needed. Grace in abundance. Outside of that spiritual theme, the story itself was inspired by a sweet gray pitbull doggy who became my muse for Penn, my heroine's nanny dog (ca. 1890). Also the inspiration came from news stories of haunted men who fixate on one woman and act out their agressions through sinister acts. Sort of the stalker type. You know...creep factor. Hope that answers your question! :)

Jolene asked:
Even though fall is your favorite season, name something you really love about summer :)

Wow, that's rough 'cause I really, REALLY do not like summer. I guess I would say playing in the rain with my Kokomo Jo and doing silly dances while we get soaking wet. It helps redeem the sweltering humid heat.

Danie Walther asked:
What kind of Starbuck drink do you like? How often do you go too Starbucks ;).
Eeesh. Narrowed down? My main standby is a good old triple shot venti hazelnut latte, sometimes with a pump of mocha. I go to Starbucks a few times a month. I know, I know, it seems I'm there everyday but really $5 a day equals out to about $200 a month. Yep. Don't have that much in the pocket book.

Susan P asked:
If you could live at a coffee house, would you? :)
Ummmm....sure? :) Is there a bed, a fireplace, and a bookshelf too?

Salyna asked:
 I haven't roamed this site so I was wondering what all your posts are about? How long have you had this blog and do you have any others? Also, Are you a big fan of Julie Lessman?

The posts here are a conglomeration of myself, Anne Love, and Erica Vetsch. We're all writers but our posts are less about writing and more about the variety of life and fellowshipping with you all. Sort of like we're hanging out in a coffee shop :)  I do contribute to another blog: http://naptimenovelists.blogspot.com, it's fledgling and just getting off its feet. About writers with small kids and how we survive the chaos. And Julie Lessman is a DOLL!! She's an amazing person in real life. Vivacious, full of energy and love, and yes, I'm a huge Julie fan -- even if she didn't write amazing books.

Sarah asked:
What is your favorite book you have read this year?
What is something you would love to do, if money was no object?
Really random, but I found this blog when you reviewed Ronie Kendig's Talon - have you read any of her other books?
Your favorite Bible verse, at the moment (if you're anything like me, it probably changes fairly often)?
Wow. Ok. Favorite book this year is a toss between Karen Barnett's "Out of the Ruins" and Kristy Cambron's "The Butterfly and the Violin". Also my crit partners manuscripts that are yet unpublished so I can't spill the beans on their work. ;)

If money was no object? I would pay off anyone and anything to bring Author Katie Ganshert's baby girl home from the Congo and get that adoption complete and that little girl in her mommas arms for good. 

My favorite Bible verse. Ooooo... I'd have to go with Psalm 118:4-6 - "Now let those who fear the Lord say that his loving kindness endures forever. Out of my distress, I called on the Lord. The Lord answered me with freedom. The Lord is on my side. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?"

Heidi Robbins asked:
What is your favorite flavor of doughnut and ice cream?

Doughnut? Definitely custard filled eclairs. Ice cream? Usually cookie dough is my standby...or coffee :)

Bonton asked:
Just wondering how many books you have completed, how many are in the works and/or planning stages (any hints on storylines ??), and where are you in your journey to being published ??

I have completed four novels, with another in the brainstorming works, and two more ideas submitted for review to my agent. Where am at on my journey? LOL It's a slow moving beast. But I have one book out to publishers for review and another being submitted in September. Hints on storylines? They're pretty hush hush for now, but I can say they're filled with suspense set in historical settings ca. 1890's and all in the midwest or northern regions. No prairies, ranches, or plains for me. All my books try to have wierd or unique settings. :)

Teri asked:
If you could talk to one woman from the Bible who would it be and why?

Probably Deborah. I think she's pretty stinkin' awesome. Woman judge, totally connected to God, and brave as all get out. I'd want to have some of her passion and courage ooze into me.

Gail H asked:

I would love to know about your salvation experience. How old were you? How did the Holy Spirit get your attention? How did you know it was real?

And she goes for the BIG question. In short: I was 3 years old when I decided Jesus was pretty cool and I needed to pay attention :) So the HS got a hold of me at a tiny age. But that's good 'cause I'm a rather headstrong, opinionated soul with a will that's hard to bust through. So, being submitted to the Lord at 3 set me up for a good foundation. I knew it was real that moment but have always challenged to know the apologetics behind my beliefs so they're not based in emotion or sensationalized feelings. But then, I'm a common sense sort of person and things like archaelogy, science, and other such things only have served to strengthen the argument that God is definitely the Master. My Master.

What fun this was!!! Hope this was fun for you too. HEIDI ROBBINS is the winner of the book pack :)

Now, here's my question for YOU: Who is your hero in life (outside of Jesus or God ;)?


  1. Wow, thanks for all the cool questions folks! Perhaps we should all answer them over the next weeks.

  2. 1) laughing out loud that you used "sweltering humid heat" to describe Wisconsin. 2) loved learning even more about one of my favorite people. 3) you KNOW my hero :)

  3. Yes Anne, you and Erica should take all these questions and answer them too!

  4. Jaime, you should spend a week here in Alabama with me If you really think it's hot where you are! My son was 6 when he was saved. I knew it was real for him because of all the wisdom that came out of that little boy's mouth shortly after. Loved learning more about you. Not having met any of you in real life, I still consider all of you my friends!

  5. Forgot to answer your question. It would be my husband. He's so amazing and always picks up,where I leave off. I guess we compliment each other. He keeps me straight, takes care of our grandchildren during the week and has stepped up and done laundry and even cooked some since he has retired. And he takes very good care of his dad, who's in assisted living.

  6. What great questions! This was fun- I agree with Anne, you should all answer them! And I'm so excited that I won the book pack!!! That totally made my day! :) Thank you!

    1. Oh yeah, and my hero is my dad. He was a strong, quiet, dependable, sweet father with a faithful testimony. He passed away seven years ago and we are still feeling his absence, especially since my youngest sister is getting married in a week. We're making a slideshow tribute of pictures to play in lieu of a father/daughter dance, since nobody could ever take his place.

    2. Heidi, I'm finally home from vacation :) shoot me an email at jaimewrightbooks(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll ship out your package! :)

  7. Loved learning more about you through the answers to those questions, Jaime, and would love to hear the answers from Anne and Erica also!!

    Hard for me to pick a hero - I've had numerous ones over the years. One was my previous pastor (now deceased) who started the church and ongoing Passion Play - both of which I became a member of after God used the Passion Play to speak to my heart and bring me back to Him!!


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