Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time to Set Those Goals Again

Here's the selfie that Jaime mentioned in yesterday's post. Silly cat, trying to be a fur scarf.
Can you believe that September is almost upon us? If you're like me, you're still blinking and trying to smooth down your hair in the windy wake of summer whooshing by. :)

For me, the coming of September means it's time to set some new goals, both for the coming month and the rest of this calendar year and beyond. Fall is a super-busy writing time for me, always, but especially this year. And I have some things on the horizon that I know I need to plan for all the way through next summer.

So, breaking my goals down into short and long-term, here are my writing goals for the next year:

  • Short Term Goals (September)
  1. Finish revisions on The Archaeologist's Find novella and turn it in to my editor by 9/15. 
  2. Prepare pitch/conference materials for ACFW Conference
  3. Attend ACFW Conference the third week of Sept. 
  4. Begin A Bride for Bear novella due 11/1.
  • Medium range goals (From Oct. 1 through Jan. 1)
  1. Finish A Bride for Bear and turn it in to my editor by 11/1.
  2. Plot The Damsel and the Detective (sequel to The Cactus Creek Challenge) in preparation for NaNoWriMo.
  3. Dive into and hopefully win NaNo again this year.
  4. Promote the release of Colorado Dawn (12/1/14)
  • Long Range Goals (Jan. 1 through Aug. 1, 2015)
  1. Assemble a street team for The Cactus Creek Challenge releasing 7/1/15. (More on this later)
  2. Plan a marketing strategy with the co-authors of The Eligible Bachelor Collection and The Convenient Bride Collection releasing 5/1/15 and 6/1/15 respectively. 
  3. Finish The Damsel and the Detective. 
  4. Plot and write The Bounty Hunter's Bride (Book three in the Cactus Creek series.)
Whew! When I read through this list, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. I have to remind myself that none of this will be accomplished in a day. This is a process. Like strength training, or dieting, or learning a new skill, accomplishing writing goals is done by daily persistence and practice. 

How about you? Are you setting goals, writing or otherwise? Do you make them for the short and long term?

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  1. Well, my primary goal is to survive. Can't accomplish much dead.

    I'm finding that well-being (relative, anyhow) is more a matter of will than anything else. So my goal is to develop that will to the point where I make no allowances for illness, and keep a full plate of plans that take me into the future.

    Beyond that, there are a couple of WIPs that need to be finished by the end of the year. Not for any particular reason besides tidying up.

  2. My short term goals are always for the health appointments for me and three senior family members, household duties which never seem to end, reading and social activities. Longer term goals (as well as on-going) are improving my eating, exercising, sleeping, losing weight, and other lifestyle habits; travel; women's conferences and Christian concerts; bible study; and continued reading/book reviews/signings.


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