Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Scrapbooking This Writing Life

The other day I was texting with my writer buddy Georgiana Daniels when we got to calculating how long we'd been writing fiction. I can't believe it's been ten years since I took those first, tentative steps to write down the stories crashing about in my head.

In order to chronicle some of this winding journey, my daughter and I started a scrapbook back in 2008. Whenever anything major happens in my writing life, we make a scrapbook page. You can read about the scrapbook and see the first pages by clicking HERE

Recently, Heather and I got to make new scrapbook pages, which is always super exciting, because it means something has happened. I still can't believe it, but we added SIX new pages! I thought you might like a peek at what we've been up to. 

This is a page devoted to the large-print editions of some of my books. I'm thrilled that Thorndike Press has chosen some of my titles to issue in large print. I like the 'scrappy' look of this page with it's various papers looking like they were scattered with a casual hand. 

Here's the page for the upcoming novel The Cactus Creek Challenge. In this story the sheriff and the schoolteacher of Cactus Creek, TX exchange jobs for one month for a charity event. Mayhem ensues. :) I chose the upper and lower case letters for the title to show how 'out of whack' the characters feel as the story unfolds. When I get official cover art, it will go in the center. I can't wait to see what the designers at Barbour come up with. :)

This page is devoted to the repackaged versions of ELEVEN of my novels. (That's just crazy!) Heather designed this page using 'barn board' paper, 'burlap' paper, and 3-D sunflowers. The top three books each contain three of my Heartsong novels, and the bottom two each contain one of my trade-length novels paired with another author's story with a similar setting. I'm thrilled to have my work alongside Keli Gwyn's and Ramona Cecil's. 

A close-up of the header on this page. :)

This is the page for my novella "A Palace on the Plains" which will be included in the Homestead Brides Collection (Available for pre-order by clicking HERE and scheduled for release 2/1/15.)  I love the flowers swirling in a prairie wind and the soddy which features prominently in the story. The cover art will go in the upper left. The story is about a traveling seamstress who comes to the prairie and finds that any place, even a soddy, can be a palace if the one you love is there. 

My darling Heather with the scrapbook. Isn't she cute? And that is my cat perched on the back of the recliner, pouting because nobody is holding her. Spoiled brat.

Sigh. I have a crush on this hero, and I haven't even written the story yet. His name is Bear, and he's about to have his world turned upside-down by three little girls who need a home and the one woman who can tame him. I love this page. I found a picture of "Bear" that shows both his fierce protective side and his total bewilderment with women in general and his four in particular. The three dresses on the clothesline are so sweet and so PINK. A Bride for Bear will appear in The Convenient Bride Collection in 2015. 

This is the page for the story I'm currently writing, The Archaeologist's Find. (The title of the story is written in hieroglyphs.) The hero is an archaeologist who finds himself thrust into the limelight of New York Society after discovering the tomb of an Egyptian princess. The heroine is an heiress who would rather be painting and sketching rather than shopping the 'marriage market' of NYC society--much to the dismay of her parents. The unlikely friendship of Max and Ally turns to more, but will they be able to dig out from under everyone else's expectations and uncover the true treasure they have in one another?

So, I don't scrapbook my kids' baby pictures or major achievements, but I do scrapbook my 'book babies' and major writing events....does that make me a bad mama?

Do you scrapbook? Do you have a favorite from the pages above? Which of these stories would you pick up first?

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  1. I wouldn't say you're a bad mama. ;)

    I loved making these pages with you. Thanks for letting me taste a slice of your writing journey!

  2. Loved viewing your scrapbook pages, Erica!! They're beautiful and so is Heather!! I think you must be a very organized person (something I'm probably not since I'm retired and live alone, LOL) to accomplish all that you do - family and their activities, writing, church, housework, needlework, scrapbooks, traveling, home schooling, outside activities, etc.. How old are your children now and when do you sleep (LOL)??

    I love scrapbooks for displaying memories and love looking at them, but for some reason - even though I've done a little crafting in previous years, never got involved in making scrapbooks. Maybe for the same reason I don't do any kind of needlework - lack of patience for it (LOL)?? Another reason, I'm sure, is because I worked more than one job at a time for many years and didn't have the time or energy. Now that I'm retired I enjoy spending my free time reading, online, meditating with music, with friends, or traveling.

    My favorite scrapbook page is probably "A Bride For Bear" and that would probably be the book I would pick up first since I love stories with children in them, although "The Cactus Creek Challenge" sounds like such a fun book to read.

    I checked out the previous scrapbook pages also and didn't realize you had written as many books as you have - what is the count?? Congrats on your accomplishments, Erica - I'm putting some of those books on my TBR list!!

  3. Hey, Bonnie, my youngest is starting college in about three weeks, so I'm done home schooling. :)

    I love that we all have different hobbies and that different things refresh us. How boring would it be if we were all the same. :)

    Oh, the official count for books for me is 13 currently out with four more in the works. :) Squee!


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