Friday, August 15, 2014

Random Book Giveaway!

This is me. On a good day. After I finished my edits and rewarded myself with Starbucks.

This is also me making the horrible admission that I have no book report for you this week because of said edits.

This is me saying, because of this lapse in my free time, I'm going to giveaway some books just for fun.

This is me asking you leave a comment, something creative, that you want to know about me and I'll answer all the questions on Tuesday's blog. (assuming they're clean questions and not something weird or totally inappropriate) :)

IF you leave a question for me, then you'll be entered to win this fun little book prize pack:


  1. Where did you get the inspiration for the book you just completed?

  2. Even though fall is your favorite season, name something you really love about summer :)

  3. What kind of Starbuck drink do you like? How often do you go too Starbucks ;).
    Starbucks is my favorite too

  4. If you could live at a coffee house, would you? :)
    Visited CBC this week! Fabulous place, saw a table of sweet ladies all knitting.

  5. This is my first time on this blog, so I am at a little bit of a loss as of what to ask, but I will give it my best shot. I haven't roamed this site so I was wondering what all your posts are about? How long have you had this blog and do you have any others? Also, Are you a big fan of Julie Lessman? A Hope Undaunted was the first one by her I ever read, it was so emotional for me I almost didn't try any others by her. I changed my mind however and tried more of her work. That's when she actually became one of my favorite authors and I also love AHU too now. :)

  6. Hi Jaime! I'm actually not here for the books - I already have AHU. :) I'm just tired and am trying to stay awake. Sorry, but that's the truth. So, I figured I would pester you with some questions, try to wake myself up.
    What is your favorite book you have read this year?
    What is something you would love to do, if money was no object?
    Really random, but I found this blog when you reviewed Ronie Kendig's Talon - have you read any of her other books?
    Your favorite Bible verse, at the moment (if you're anything like me, it probably changes fairly often)?

    I'm still falling asleep, so I guess I will go away now and let you be. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Yay! A Hope Undaunted is on my wishlist! What is your favorite flavor of doughnut and ice cream?

    colorvibrant at gmail dot com

  8. Hi, Jaime!!

    Just wondering how many books you have completed, how many are in the works and/or planning stages (any hints on storylines ??), and where are you in your journey to being published ??

    Joyfully anticipating that first book and appreciate your hard work to get there !! Thanks and hugs, my dear !!


  9. If you could talk to one woman from the Bible who would it be and why?

  10. Really excited to read that your first book is ready! Can't wait to read it and help promote it! My question is, I would love to know about your salvation experience. How old were you? How did the Holy Spirit get your attention? How did you know it was real?


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