Friday, August 8, 2014

Book Report & Giveaway: With Every Breath, by Elizabeth Camden

It's always a pleasant joy to receive an Elizabeth Camden release in the mail. A good mixture of romance, history and mystery all wrapped into one. Her latest WITH EVERY BREATH is no exception.

Set in the 1890's the main heroine, Kate Livingston begins a close working relationship with Dr. Trevor McDonough in an effort to find a cure for tuberculosis. Sabotage, old grudges, and secretive pasts all make this another ride through history's grand methods of ruining lives and causing injury.

The romance is palpable. I did enjoy. While it develops quickly and the hero and heroine have little doubt as to each other's feelings, circumstances and personal fears add enough tension to keep them apart and the book moving forward.

As usual, Camden's mastery is in her knowledge of history, of the times, the methods, techniques, lifestyles and even the American Navy. That alone makes this novel a rich read but yet, she has the finesse to keep it fiction that will keep even the non-history buff intrigued and entertained.

Tuberculosis was a wild disease that spread through the USA. What other diseases would you want to read about as a setting in a novel? And enter to win YOUR copy of this release below:

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Winner of last week's "Out of the Ruins" book drawing is: GRACE OLSON 
Winner of Dawn Crandall's E-copy of the "Hesitant Heiress" is: HEIDI ROBBINS

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  1. Polio would be an interesting novel setting - it was once a devastating disease for so many people. Thanks for the review and the opportunity to win a copy of "With Every Breath", Jaime - sounds like an exciting and interesting book!!

  2. I have several ancestors who died of the Spanish flu in 1918. Would be interesting to read about that disease.


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