Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Report & Giveaway: Out of the Ruins, by Karen Barnett

I really wasn't certain how I would like a new author, in a location like San Francisco, with an earthquake and a doctor. It seemed to me doctors have been done before, so I was looking for a new angle otherwise I was reading a western historical with a doctor and a needy heroine.

WELL HOWDY DOODY that ain't no cliche novel! Out of the Ruins accomplished several things most books rarely ever do with me:

1. It made me cry. Not. Kidding. The blubber, have to close your book and look out the car window so your husband doesn't think you've totally lost your mind on the way home from the in-laws.

2. It made me set aside my own writing. Which is not good, considering I'm on deadline. But really, they'll have to understand. And I'll just blame Karen, so it'll be okay.

3. I turned into a creepy fan and had me stalking Karen's Facebook page for back cover copy on book #2 (and boy was I relieved when I found it will be about one of my favorite characters from book #1)

Here's the back cover blurb if my gushing hasn't already convinced you:

A shaky prayer. A shattered faith. A city in ruins. What–or who–will bring Abby back to God?
“God save her. I’ll do anything. Just make her better. And You’d better be listening, God, because if You dare take her away . . . I’ll never speak to You again.” 
Abby Fischer doesn’t know if God will answer her prayer for her dying sister. She doesn’t know if miracles really happen. And she certainly doesn’t know if the handsome Dr. Robert King, with his risky experimental treatment, is the one to remedy her doubts.
When tragedy strikes and the mighty San Francisco earthquake shatters what is left of her heart, Abby wonders if God will hear her as she flees alone through burning streets. What will it take to show her that the One she doesn’t want to love is the One whose love will save her?
So seriously, this one is a no brainer. Buy it. 'Nuf said.
And enter our contest to win a copy while you're at it! There are multiple ways to enter. AND!! Leave a comment and tell me what state YOU would like to see the next historical romance set in and why!

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  1. Alabama, because it's where I live, full of history and who doesn't like a southern belle?

  2. Michigan. We are the great lakes state, home of Henry Ford, were instrumental in the underground railroad, had a pirate found a city, had copper mining and logging up north, etc. We had battles fought in Monroe, had the battle over Toledo and a huge, rich, history.

  3. I'm not entering because I already own the book - and loved it! I'm thrilled that you loved the story - Karen is a sweetheart and a HARD worker.

  4. Missouri - Good location, slightly mysterious, heart of America, et al.

  5. Yes, I read Karen's first book and loved it! Definitely stalker material. ;)
    I love any books set in Michigan, so that's where I pick.

  6. WI - because of it's rich history, beautiful scenery and great places to find adventures.

  7. I always love historical romance books set in Kentucky since I live in Kentucky, but also because I know there is so much wonderful, rich history in my state to be told.

    I already have Karen's wonderfully exciting, touching, and inspirational "Out of the Ruins" but would love to win a copy for a very deserving friend. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!


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