Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's on your TV?

Summertime becomes my no-TV time. I try to regulate what I watch and how many hours. Especially now that I'm under deadline to get this current book written. Isn't it crazy how much time you can spend watching really good TV? And there are some very well-written shows that make a writer's brain spin and are completely addictive.

So, I've chose 2 shows for this summer.

First was:

Yes. I know. I go for the non-violent, heartwarming shows, don't I? Try violent, heart-pounding shows!! I realize 24 is probably not up most of your alleys, but I really do get involved with the gritty Jack Bauer. In fact, as I told another writer, I think every one of the heroes that I write summons some of the essence of Jack Bauer. Although, I haven't had one of my heroes torture any one. But one WAS guilty of murder.

Now I'm starting to watch:

Nothing like a little twisted Stephen King to mess up my brain this summer :) We've been recording it on DVR so we'll watch a few episodes to catch up and then finish out the summer with it. Just in time to type "The End" on my current book and take a break in September to wow myself with some season openers and then the tragedy of weeding out the ones I simply don't have time for. 

What's on your summer television?


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  1. I don't watch 24 but my husband does. I already have too many shows! I just started watching The Strain. It's only been on twice (DVR'd 2nd episode) and I'm willing to give it another shot b/c it's interesting and it's vampires and need I say more? Also, I'm watching Finding Carter on MTV (yes, there are a couple of shows that are watchable on that station) and me and daughter like it. 2 episodes so far. But that's 2 new shows ADDED to what I already watch in the summer. It's a miracle I ever finish a book lol! DVR rules!

    1. we use the dvr religiously. It cuts out at least 15 minutes of ads! :)

    2. Okay after watching episode 2 of The Strain, I'm passing. Not for me.

  2. I watch very little TV compared to what I used to watch and spend more of my time online talking to many sweet ladies such as yourself. However, I do watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette some seasons - I always said I would never watch this crazy show, but happened on an episode that I enjoyed and it "sucked" me in. I started out watching it because of the beautiful scenery - since I love travel, and then became interested in one of the characters. There is usually one good character that melts your heart - this season it's the gentlemanly farmer from Iowa and believe it or not, there has even been a bachelor who refused to take lady's to the Fantasy Suite because of his religious convictions. I also like HGTV and other TLC shows such as The Little Couple and19 Kids and Counting (both on break right now) and Sister Wives - I love seeing how different, unusual households make their relationships work.

    1. Agreed, Bonnie!! Sometimes those reality shows can really get ya. :) I get hooked on the home shows and the food shows a lot. I've watched some of the Bachelor/Bachelorette but since it results in snorts and sneers from the hubby, I usually avoid it. :) LOL

  3. Master Chef and Masterpiece Mystery. This summer Heather and I are listening to a lot more audio books and working on cross-stitch.

    1. Audio books are great too!! And Masterpiece anything is AWESOME

  4. I've been watching 19kids and counting and also the Bacheloreette.


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