Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What is Your Latest Discovery?

I have discovered slippers. I'm not sure why this is such a momentous occasion, but it is. Perhaps it's because my feet are toasty warm and encased in velour covered foam. Cheap slippers. Walmart slippers. WHITE slippers. White is a luxury color, because it gets dirty oober quick. Walmart isn't luxury in the slightest - so why does it feel luxurious?

Over time, I had been convinced that slippers were for old people. I would see pink, bunny-faced slippers on little old ladies at the nursing home and think it sad that cartoon-style slippers were their only spot of sunshine in the day. Old men, playing BMX in their wheelchairs with slippery soled slippers, would bring a smile to my face and a distinct picture in my mind that was bittersweet and slippered. Slippers were for old people.

And then, my sister-in-law crushed my stereotype when she wore a pair of slippers at BIBLE StUDY of all places. yes. Bible Study. She said it was more important to her that her feet be warm than for her to look glamorous. I wasn't worried about glamour, I was just concerned that she'd been lying about her real age! Needless to say, Bible study was held at my house and she decided to leave an extra pair under my couch so she could wear them every week she came over. Funny thing happened - they jumped onto my feet on a cold winter night a week ago and didn't want to come off!

So, with sideways glances and hoping I wasn't followed, I hurried to my local Wally World to pick up a cheap pair to see if I really wanted to associate myself with the ninety year old lady in bunny slippers. I DO! I DO!! I REALLY REALLY DO!!! My father always said to learn from the older generation, because they have much to teach us about life. I am sorry for doubting your wisdom old lady with the bunnies on your feet - old man doing wheelies in your wheelchair. And, I am sorry sister-in-law, for thinking you were older than you really are ...

What has been your most recent discovery to change your way of life?


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  1. I've recently discovered that I enjoy yardwork, not just mowing & weeding, but "landscaping" ;)

  2. Welcome to the land of the mature and wise, Jaime (LOL) - that land where you care more about how you feel than about how you look or what people will say about you!! I think the most recent life-changing discovery for me has been my total immersion into Christian fiction - about a year ago. Until then, outside of Liz Curtis Higg's fiction - I read primarily non-fiction. As with you and slippers - until then, I had no idea what I had been missing out on!! (By the way, I've gotten pretty attached to my tablet and downloading all those free books also!!)


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