Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What Friendship Is

I've decided that bonded friendships are few and far between. You know what I mean? The kind that cause a gut ache when you're separated and the kind where you finish each other's sentences and can say the most horrid things in your heart and mind to get them off your chest and there's no judgment. Anne Shirley would call them "kindred spirits". I call them bonds. Those forged bonds that stand the test of time. 
Last week my husband went to Guatemala and I was alone with the two kiddos, VBS every night and that sort of mental anguish that I have a writing deadline crashing down on me with no hope for writing time in sight. Enter one of my sisters. Well she's not genetically my sister. But I have sisters of my heart. The bonded kind. And she's one. She hopped a plane with her little girl and together they flew to our rescue. We blew bubbles, watched movies, brainstormed and plotted, went swimming and laughed. 
There's something more than therapeutic in spending days together. Staying up late eating Oreos and milk, giggling over Austenland, and swooning over new heroes. It's the going make-up-less, the horrible hair (mine, not Laurie's), the togetherness. There is intimacy in friendship as you share emotions, struggles, faith, and secrets. When you know that your friend has sacrificed their time (and sanity in a more than 24 hour flight drama home) and finances to support you in a moment of need. Support and love enough to cross states to get there. To empathize when you're fragile and just need that friend to hold you up.
That is my sister Laurie. My friend. My bond. God has blessed me. 

Do you have a bond in your life? That person or people who you just know love you with all their hearts?


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  1. How fun! :) Yep, I have those sisters in my life and I'm ever thankful God bonded me with them, to them. Whatever. LOL

  2. So true! You can never have enough friends, but a true, life-long bond is precious! So glad to find your blog. I look forward to visiting again.


    1. So glad you found our blog too! And yes, precious it is!! Cherishing friendships today!

  3. God has blessed me with more than one such bond, Jaime, each one different and yet so alike in what they add to my life!! SO thankful for them!!


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