Thursday, July 24, 2014

TBT: Eastman Kodak 1923

My house does not look like a Kodak shot. My life does not look like a Pinterest Board. Outside the cropped lines and Pinterest Boards, are dirty laundry, crumbs on the floor, wrinkled clothes, dishes in the sink, and unmade beds. Pictures bring us a moment in time--usually the moment of beauty and order before disaster strikes. But they remain as reminders of the perfection and beauty we love and strive for. They remain as captured moments, our views of majestic creation, our moments of love.

Several weeks ago while camping, several friends of ours hopped in their pick up truck and hit the road to find some garage sales. Some were a complete bomb. But, we hit one on the lake where an awesome gentleman showed us around his Hosta Gardens. Every Genus and species of Hostas known to man was in his garden, labeled and amazing. Inside, he revealed a collection of old Kodak cameras that he'd collected for their antique booth. He was as much of an expert of the Kodaks as he was the Hostas!

Anne exclaimed in muted glee: "What's this?"

"It's an old Kodak." He opened it up and showed me....I'm was salivating.....

He showed me how it worked and where to look inside for the patent. It's at least a 1923 Pocket Kodak, the first patented listed in the U.S. is 1913.

It still has a stylus---no, electronic styluses were not the first to be used!

On the back, a small shade is lowered and the stylus is used to write onto the film, the name or place and date the photo is taken. The writing then appeared on the photo.

I wish I could get my hands on some old film cartridges to try!

Do you love old pics?
Old cameras?
Great finds?
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  1. Neat post, Anne!!

    I used to love photograpy and photographing places - maybe more so than photographing people. I still have some of the first cameras I owned, as does my mother who has an old Brownie camera. She also has bookcases full of photo albums she has filled over the years while my photos are in boxes, as I gave up in the art of arranging them in albums, years ago, when I was working more than one job at a time and have since lost interest in doing so.

    And yes, I love discovering great finds - whether at yard sales, flea markets, in stores, or online!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Bonnie! I scrapbooked scads of albums when the children were young. I sold Creative Memories and managed to get most of the kids stuff into albums by their graduations. Though I admit, I've lost my passion for it. But scrapbooking is an a rat form of storytelling--so there's no surprise why I loved it!

    2. My definition of photos also, Anne - storytelling!!

  2. I love the stylus and being able to write on the photo! I don't do garage sales too often, though I will duck into the occasional antique store. :)

    1. I hadn't gone to a garage sale in years. So, this was a treat!


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