Thursday, July 17, 2014

TBT: Abshire Mansion

A week ago I schedule a lunch date with my hubby to walk through a mansion open house in the town where I work. The mansion was sold to a community healthcare clinic and they opened it for an open house to help raise funds and awareness.

I just love old houses like this. 

I was amazed at the different fireplaces like this one in the main dining room.

Then this one in the servant's quarters upstairs.

And finally, this one in the carriage house.

Also, this is the doorknob to in the main entryway.

Compared to one upstairs.

And finally, a hand-hold type on in the carriage house on the stable door.

The staircase was lovely!

The radiators were unique.

And the sliding doors of the carriage house were even interesting.

We could still smell oats, and see where the grain had been stored.

The home was first built in 1852, but in 1872 a cyclone took the roof. In 1883 A.F. Wilden purchased the home and built a stone wall around the perimeter, which still stands. In 1903, retired Chicago businessmen bought the home and completely razed it to build a lovely 8,000 square foot home. He brought fine masons from Chicago, using stones from the hilly area north of Goshen. It wasn't until the 1920's that the home was sold to Goshen mayor, John O. Abshire and became known as the Abshire Mansion. The stable includes a box stall for the birth of colts, a tack room, and a blacksmith area, and is believed to be the original stable for the home. The home will be dedicated for Maple City Health Care Center in early 2015.

Do you have mansions in your hometown?
Have you visited them?

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  1. We have many mansions here in Rochester (A lot of them on "Pill Hill" where early Mayo Clinic doctors lived.) My favorite mansion here though is Mayowood home of Dr. Charlie Mayo.

    1. I've toured Mayowood Erica and I was thinking about it when I did this post!

  2. The Friedman House was a plantation house. It even had an overseer's lookout on top where they could watch the servants picking cotton. It was used as the public library for many years. I loved going there when I was a little girl roaming from room to room looking for books. Now it is used mainly for wedding receptions.

    1. Where is the Friedman House, Gail? I've wanted to visit a plantation house, but never knew one to visit.

      Oh, that reminds me, the library at my alma mater is a mansion at University of Saint Francis, Ft. Wayne, IN. Bass Mansion. It has a ball room on the top floor.

  3. What a beautiful house, Anne!! Yet another reason why you need to take a research trip down to my area: mansions. Louisville, Ky. has the nations 2nd largest National Historic Preservation District - the Victorian homes in that part of Louisville termed "Old Louisville" are beautiful and amazing!!

    There are also beautiful historic homes in other parts of Louisville such as Locust Grove (home of George Rogers Clark) and Farmington (originally a hemp plantation owned by John Speed, based on plans by Thomas Jefferson - Abe Lincoln was a friend and spent 3 weeks there), etc..

    1. Oh, we once stayed in a lovely old Victorian Bed & Breakfast him in Louisville. I'd love to visit Southern Indiana and that area.


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