Monday, July 21, 2014

Favorite Pins for the Week

This week my Pinterest boards hit 2,500 followers. I have lots of fun pinning and sharing. I love it most for relaxing after work and for writing inspiration. Here are a few favorites from this week.
From my board:  Cup of Joe

 From my board: 19th Century Fashion

 From my board for writing inspiration: Characters

 From the board I use to inspire scenes: Scenes

Do you use Pinterest?
Post a link to your favorite boards to share.
What's your favorite use of Pinterest?
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  1. Anne, you are my Pinterest inspiration! Love how successful you've been at this platform and how wonderful of a resource this will be for your readers when you're published! As for my week on Pinterest? I may have squandered my writing time one night this week on a long and lucrative Harry Potter Pinterest rabbit trail :) Your daughter would be proud.

    1. Yes she would Laurie!! You are right though, I have to be careful not to waste good writing time while I'm pinning away! But I've given up dust collecting magazines!

  2. I don't use Pinterest because it looks like TOO much fun for my addictive, OCD personality - Facebook and blogs consume too much of my time already (LOL)!!

    1. Well, you've got me there Bonnie!!

  3. I love these pins! I am still feeling my way around Pinterest, but I love it! I've got several boards, and I love browsing. :)

    1. I'll have to look you up there! :)


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