Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Cheering from the sidelines - how to cheer on your kids

Sometimes you just sit and watch your kids and realize how blessed you are. 
You know what I mean? As a writer with deadlines I can lose sight of the now in preparation for what needs to get done. That ever ready goal list of word counts and edits. Along with the day job and the mom job and the church job and and and and ...

And then you get that quiet moment when you're planted in a lawn chair at a family baseball game and watch your baby girl bat at her first ball. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Uncles extend the strike ratio. Miss. Miss. Miss. Daddy? Daddy steps in and wham! Hit. And baby girl watches as the ball flies and rolls. And suddenly everyone starts yelling and cheering. "Run KoKo! Run KoKo!!" And my four year old in her blue striped Dora dress runs. Around the bases.

Sometimes as a mom you just sit on the sidelines and watch and listen. 
Praying that as your daughter grows, there will be people to cheer her on in life. When she can't hit. When she doesn't know to run. When she doesn't know where to run. 

And you realize these are the important moments. That my nose in my laptop or answering work emails on my phone take a severe second spot to the proud wave and "thanks mamma!!" She yells from first base as she hears me cheer. 

That's my baby. That's my girl. 

Have you found yourself investing in other priorities instead of sitting and watching those precious moments from the sidelines?


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  1. I love this story, such a great reminder! Look up! Don't miss the moments. :) Go Koko!! Run!

  2. As a young mother many years ago, I didn't always have my priorities straight. I think that's why God gives us second chances as grandparents to get it right.

    1. Unfortunately, are kids are the guinea pigs and the grandkids receive the benefits ;)

  3. I think we have all done this, Jaime!! All of life's modern conveniences have enabled us to cram even more activities and busyness into our daily lives - another reason why it's important to take time to daily pray and read God's word to help remind us of the most important things.

    With all that you have "on your plate" - I am impressed at the time you spend with Cole and Chloe!! You are making memories that they will remember for a lifetime!! Hugs!!

    1. We're going to have a FROZEN party at supper next week. I love making memories :)

  4. Whitney is definitely cheered on!


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