Wednesday, June 11, 2014

When to Scrap A Project and Start Over

I started writing a story about ten months ago. Plotted it out on my plot-board, wrote a synopsis, came up with goals, motivations, conflicts, character-types. And I wrote. I wrote over 2/3 of the story.

And it was okay. But somewhere along the way, it was turning out darker than I thought it would. It was supposed to be historical romance, but at some point, it had veered sharply toward historic mystery, and the romance was being pushed to the back burner.

Since I had in mind to target a particular publisher with this story, and that publisher is known for its romance, not mystery, I knew I would either have to change my target or change the story.

After letting the work sit for awhile, focusing on a different project for a time, I've come back to it and decided I need to scrap what I've done and start over. I've broken out the plot board, and keeping the same characters, I'm tweaking the story to remove the mystery and add some lighthearted conflict. I'm putting the romance front and center again, and I'm having a lot more fun with the story now. Fortunately, there are quite a few things I can keep from the other story, so I'm not starting completely from scratch, but I know I will be happier with the end product.

Have you ever had to rethink a project? Do you try to fix what's there, or do you start it all over?


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  1. The same with my crocheting. So many projects have been put aside because they didn't look right. I have very little patience when something doesn't turn out right!

    1. My crocheting teacher used to come by and unravel all the work I'd just done because I missed a discouraging for a kid. My MIL taught me over again years later with better results. :)

  2. Your crocheting comment is exactly while I do no needlework of any kind, Erica!! The stitches I ripped out in Home Ec. gave me no desire, or patience, to ever enjoy or become proficient at any kine of needlework. On the other hand - I AM a perfectionist and don't mind making corrections (or at times - starting over from scratch) with other kinds of projects, guess needlework just wasn't my "cup of tea"!!


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