Thursday, June 26, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Today's Throwback Thursday harks all the way back to 2002. Here are my two munchkins on the first day of school. (As you can see, we home-schooled.)

Heather is in fifth grade, and James is in first. You can just catch a glimpse of my cat (Pookie--yeah, I know, don't judge.) in the lower left corner, too. 

Heather has graduated from college, and James graduated from high school earlier this month. Where did the time go?

What is your favorite memory about the first day of school? For me it was all the new school supplies, especially the new box of crayons.

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  1. First grade, my mother made me wear my name tag back to school the 2nd day because the teacher used my first name (Dora) instead of the name I go by (Gail). I was embarrassed until I noticed several other students wearing theirs as well. I was very proud of the book satchels we used to use waaaay back then!

  2. I was also homeschooled and my favorite part was always pulling out the new year's school books, which I had probably put away the day before, and deciding which subject I wanted to start with. :)

  3. I homeschool also and love this picture! My favorite is the fresh supplies and energy each start of the year.

  4. Every school should have a kitty! Love this picture, Erica!!

  5. It was probably the supplies for me, also - Erica!! How I loved those crayolas!! Kudos to you for home-schooling - anyone attempting it has my greatest respect!!


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