Thursday, June 19, 2014

Throwback Thursday - President Lincoln

Today's Throwback Thursday is a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln. In a couple of weeks, I'll be journeying to the Land of Lincoln and visiting the Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. I'm very excited. History museums are the BEST!

I'm particularly fond of Abraham Lincoln and am eager to learn more about the man and his presidency. Presidents Washington and Lincoln were the first presidents I can remember learning about as a child.

The first presidential election I can remember was Ford v. Carter in 1976. I was in third grade.

The first presidential election I could vote in was the Bush v. Dukakis election of 1988.

Richard Nixon was president when I was born.

So, who was president when you were born, what was the first election you can remember, and which presidential election was your first as a voter?

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  1. Same here. I remember being pretty miffed when my morning Mr. Green Jeans and Captain Kangaroo got interrupted for a Special Report on Watergate....

    1. Oh! Mr. Green Jeans! I loved him. :)

  2. Eisenhower was president when I was born, and the first election I voted in was in 1972. I'd just turned 18.

    1. Eisenhower is a favorite of mine, being from Kansas. His Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene is stunning.

  3. Taxing questions for my aging, foggy brain, Erica (LOL)!!

    Franklin D. Roosevelt was president when I was born and as an adult, I remember hearing his name mentioned numerous times by my parents and grandparents. I remember hearing/learning quite a bit about Eisenhower, the man, but don't remember anything about his presidency. John F. Kennedy's election was the first after I reached voting age.

    I think most people are awed by presidents Washington and Lincoln - Lincoln has connections and museums etc. with several states, my home state of Ky. being one of them.

    1. :) A chance to stroll through your memory. :)

      I'll be near Richmond, KY in a couple of weeks taking in Fort Boonesborough. :)


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