Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Scapes

Summer is my favorite time to enjoy the landscapes and colors we miss through the midwest winters. Here are a few of my favorites from Indiana:
 Warren Dunes
 Water Irises
 Cut flowers from our gardens!
 Campfires in the backyard!
Oh, and last year I enjoyed a massage on the back patio to the sounds of the birds and water fountain!
I love summer sanctuaries, what are yours? 
What summer scapes do you love?
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  1. Mosquitos eat me up outside and I've had skin cancer so I have to swather up with a combo sunscreen/ bug repellent product, yuck! I love the beach, it's so relaxing to me. We go camping in our RV to Gulf State Park for a week every summer and I look forward to it every year!

  2. Swings, gazebos, the beach, flower gardens, fountains, fish ponds, mountaintops, wooded areas, camping and campfires - I love them all! All are treats to the senses, mind, and soul - all bring peace, calmness, and relaxation!!

    Beautiful pics, Anne - glad I live in the country and like you, can enjoy these wonderful things often!!


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