Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Community of Service

One thing you find as a writer who also has a pile of other commitments to do, is how to eek out writing time in between normal life. With two little ones, this can be a challenge, and also a horrible drain on my family if I'm not cautious and careful. It's a hobby with deadlines, and that can be tough.

This is when I find blessings in the weeks when things are especially stressful. Sometimes, the community, the Body of Christ, rises to the challenge to help me out. Like Monday night when one of the guys from my husband's youth group played with Kokomo Jo on the playground at the softball park while I feverishly wrote on my phone. Yes. Sometimes you write on any platform you can find. Or when, my Admin. Assistant baked my lunch for me in the toaster oven so I could have a warm lunch while I wrote over my break.

It got me to thinking...how are we aware of how we can bless other's lives? Do we look for opportunities to make someone smile, give them some spare time, take a burden off their hands for even a moment?

I want to be on the lookout this week. To serve, if even in a small way.

How about you? What are your thoughts on receiving or giving in community service?

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  1. This week, one of my office admins, Kim I love you sista, spent the day helping prep, serve, and tear down the open house for my son. It was a HUGE blessing so I could relax and enjoy the moment. I'm indebted now. No, I don't "owe" her back, but yes I do want to bless her back when her next daughter gets married some day--I'll want to be there to help out so she can relax and enjoy her day too! :)

    1. Don't office admins rock?? It's the most underappreciated role!!! I love that! "Bless her back" I'm going to make a new hash tag #blessback

  2. Yes! I want to always be a person on the lookout for ways to serve people! And when I come see you, I want you to have a writing time at your coffee shop :)

    1. Like I could concentrate knowing you're AT MY HOUSE and I'm at a coffee shop!?!?! lol That babysitter idea might be a good one yet :) Then you can write WITH me. LOL

  3. Life can be extra stressful when you're a mom working outside the home - add writing to the mix and it's next to impossible at times, I would think!! I'm so happy that each of you have friends/co-workers/sisters and brothers-in-Christ etc., willing to help share the load. Taking just a few minutes of one's time to help another can lighten the load for her/him and bless the giver also - I enjoy finding ways in which I can serve/bless others!! Following the Golden Rule always brightens the day for all those involved.


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