Thursday, May 1, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Once a baby, always a baby

Welcome to my baby photo. And if you know my son, you probably thought this was a picture of him. However, the beautifully retro curtain in the background should be a dead giveaway this wasn't yesterday.

Yeppers. That's me at 2. Happy go lucky baby, the youngest in my family and still a baby, many years later.

I still call my Mommy when I'm sick, not sick, tired, not tired, happy, not happy, and so on. She's my go to. Just ask my Admin Assist. I was sick all last week and kept whining that I needed my Mommy, the couch, her to bring me honey-toast and turn on a movie all while plumping my pillows. So I was spoiled. So what? See that face up there? Mommy couldn't resist me!

And now the tables have turned. I stare into that face every. single. day. And the only difference is ... well, not very much. He's a boy. Yep. That's the difference. And he's 2. And he is my baby. I am SO wrapped around his pinky finger and I will pay for it for the rest of my life. Just like my Mommy does. But she's never indicated she regrets it, so I'm guess, neither will I.

Here's to my Peter Pan lookalike, to Mommy's, and to Throwback Thursdays.


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  1. Both very cute babies! My grandson Thomas, almost 2 certainly has me finger wrapped! And he's so sensitive! Any little correction to him and he falls to pieces.

    1. awwwww!!! He sounds like a sensitive lil guy!

  2. Oh my! I thought it was Peter Pan! That's amazing how much he looks like you!

  3. Lovely! Thank you for sharing this - it made my evening.

    1. :) Glad it could give you a smile!!

  4. SO cute and yes - there's a remarkable resemblance!! Love little Cole and love you too, baby Jaime!!


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