Thursday, May 29, 2014

#TBT - Buh Bye NICU

Awwww, there's my baby girl. Three days old and finally we get to hold her. Tiny little creature, her little lungs just weren't quite ready when, in typical Kokomo Jo fashion she decided she was impatient and was going to make her appearance NOW.

Love this girl!! and even the days in the NICU were treasured. But boy was it nice to say buh bye and bring my girl home! :)

What's your favorite Throwback Thursday memory?


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  1. How sweet!! What did she weigh at birth??

  2. I used to work in the NICU many years ago as a unit secretary. It was so easy to get attached to the little ones, especially those that stayed a very long time. How long was she in the NICU?

  3. She's so beautiful! And so very prayed for! :)

    Favorite TBT memories...they always involve family.


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