Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Memories

He was and always will be my hero. I would have loved to have a moment this past weekend  to sit by his resting place and have a chat. Grampa was my bff as a little girl. He was the epitome of a grandpa and a hero.

Awarded the bronze star, the purple heart, a medal for being in all five of the major Pacific battles, (Okinawa, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Midway, Philippine Sea) and more, like the Battle of Attu, Grampa never lauded himself as a war hero. In fact, it wasn't until after he died Gramma even told anyone that he'd earned those medals. It was evidence of his humility and more so, evidence of the honor he gave to his fallen comrades of whom he boasted proudly.

To me, Grampa was just ... Grampa. As a child, his most heroic act to me was introducing me to coffee and dunking sugared doughnuts in it. Or reading books while he rocked me in his lap as he suffered from war-induced Multiple Sclerosis. Tapping his thumb over the well-worn edges of his Bible, holding Gramma's hand, sorting out his daily vitamins, and driving a diesel station wagon.

He was Grampa.
He was a hero.
He was mine.

What hero do you memorialize this week?


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  1. My father-in-law was a U boat pilot in the Navy during World War II. He took army soldiers to the Omaha Beach invasion, one of the bloodiest of the war. I'm so thankful he made it out and is now almost 91 years old.

    1. So neat that he is still alive!! What a hero!

  2. Both my grandfathers served in the Navy in WW2, one in the Pacific and one in the Atlantic.

    1. Argh! Somehow I got signed out of Blogger! Hopefully this shows up as me this time. :)

    2. I love hearing the stories of the heroes -- so many of them unsung!

  3. Sounds like Grandpa is one of the people we have to thank for your love of books!!

    Since the subject is Memorial Day memories, I'd like to thank my family members from several generations who have fought in various wars: my nephew, currently an Army chaplain - who served in Iraq, my brother who was an Air Force pilot that served in Vietnam, and other family members who served in WWI and WWII.


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