Monday, May 19, 2014

I Love Window Boxes!

I love window boxes! Jaime, Erica, and I have flowers on the brain. Two years ago we put some in and I had to research how to plant them. We have a great green house two miles from us, and they were a great help. My boxes have one-inch holes in the bottom for drains.
1. Fill the boxes with potting soil and work in the fertilizer and plant food. Oh, and pick flowers that don't clash with red.

 2. I set out the plants in front of each box to make sure the arrangement is balanced.

3. Put them in and water.

 4. By June it looks like this!

What are your favorite summertime flowers? Please share!
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  1. I love window boxes, too! I love container gardening. :)

    I have too many favorites to name at the moment, but I do plant a lot of geraniums in my flower boxes and pots because they love the heat. My flower boxes are on the west side of my house with almost zero shade, so I have to plant things that will survive the blazing summer sunshine.

    1. We live in the woods and my flower boxes are part shade, part sun, facing Southeast. But I still have to lug gallons of water to them.

  2. I stick with those that come up year after year. It's getting harder and harder to bend over, plant and weed, LOL!

    1. That's one reason I love containers and boxes.

  3. Your flower boxes are beautiful, Anne!! My favorite flowers/vines are lilacs, honeysuckle, and hydrangeas.


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