Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How To Kill A Flower Garden

I need your help! Seriously. Here's my dilemma. It's getting time to plant my flower planters and pots. Every year I start out strong, with beautiful arrangements of pansies and fuchsias, daisies and other sundry delicates.  I also use some of my mom's standbys of geraniums and marigolds.

Then comes June and July. The hot months, the sandy soil and dry pots, the busy schedule, the missed day or two of watering, etc. And the pansies shrivel, the fuchsias curl up into a death stare, and I decide that the next year I'll plant cactus.

The only flowers that survive my intermittent watering schedule and blazing sun are the standbys: geraniums and marigolds.

But I don't want just geraniums and marigiolds--although they are becoming somewhat sentimental to me--so here's where you come in.

Any ideas? What are hardy but pretty flowering plants that can survive the hot summer's abuse and don't require morning and night watering?


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  1. No clue Jaime! I kill silk flowers!!

  2. I'm wondering if you have ever tried Verbena. I really like Verbena and it has lots of color. It did well in Colorado which was hot sun and dry conditions. http://www.bhg.com/gardening/plant-dictionary/annual/verbena/ Also, for perennials, Autumn Joy Sedum is beautiful, hardy and drought resistant.

  3. Geraniums and marigolds.

    There's a nice succulent called portulac, but its bloom-time is pretty short. When it's up, it's very, very vivid.

    But now that I live on the New Mexico High Desert, I've learned that even plastic flowers don't make it.


  4. I have the same problem as you, with flowers - Jaime!! My mother, aunt, and grandfather have always had beautiful flower gardens and I either water too much or too little. I guess I just don't have the love of gardening and working in the dirt and hot sun that they do and don't take the time or have the patience that they do - if I did, perhaps I would have better luck with them.

    Unfortunately - geraniums, marigolds, and zennias are probably some of the hardiest flowers to plant. I also pot petunias and impatiens on my patio and front porch - but it is hard to keep any flowers during the hottest heat of summer without watering them every day. My patio gets the full sun in the afternoon, and there are no trees to block it so it is hard to keep flowers blooming all summer long. I sometimes even replace them during the season - it is more affordable to do that when you plant your own versus buying them already planted and potted. Have you asked your local nursery what would best suit your needs??


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