Monday, May 5, 2014

Honey, Honey

Duh-duh-dat-da-duh-duh, awww, sugar, sugar.....yes, that old song often gets hummed at our house...

Beehives and honey seem to fascinate many people. "Oh, you have honey bees?" 

Yep. We do.

We've had honey bees for about twelve years. This year we lost 100% of our twelve hives. So, Ted reordered more hives and they came in the mail on Friday.

They come in a screened box like this with one new queen and about 6,000 bees. They are clumped around a can of syrup to feed them until they get to their new hive. He takes the can out and extracts the queen in her little queen cage beside the can. Placing the queen in the new hive box, he shakes the clump of bees into the hive with her.

Then we wait for the pollen and the flowers...

By mid to late July, Ted starts to take honey off the hives and fills jars by late summer. Yes, we sell it. 

And the final product goes like hotcakes. We usually sell out by Christmas time each season.

Love's Honey, the nectar of our gardens and woods....

Maybe I should write a honey story....
Why do you suppose honeybees are so interesting and curious to people?
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  1. How cool! I didn't know you were apiarists. Maybe it's a mix of science and danger that fascinates people.

    1. oooh, science and danger--love that Erica! Heehee

  2. Don't know the answer to your question but I've read so many good reports of how pure honey is so good for so many health ailments.

  3. What an interesting and enjoyable post, Anne - thanks!!

    I think bees are interesting to people because they are such amazing little workers and their accomplishments are astounding, for such small creatures. For all the fear of stings and harm caused to some people - they produce a wonderfully healthy and useful product and only God could envision such a process!!

    1. Yes, they do display God's wonder! In fact, Ted label's his honey "Wonder Love Garden's Honey"

  4. I'm wildly allergic to bee stings, so I read your post with mixed emotions. Putting it mildly.

    One thing that may be worth mentioning - people who have hayfever should eat locally-produced homey. Ingesting the pollen helps the body build up an immunity.

    Also, honey, applied topically, helps burns heal more quickly. (Don't use butter, that makes burns worse!)

    1. Thanks Andrew, for the additional suggestions. Stay away from the honey bees!


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