Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Goal Setting for June

My plot board and plotting supplies.

It's that time again! Evaluation and goal-setting time. At the end of last month, I laid out four goals I had for the month of May. Here on the cusp of the month of June, it's time to look back at where I've been and ahead to where I want to go.

Here are my goals for last month:

  • Write at least 25K words on a new story.
  • Write 8 blog posts
  • Clean out my closet and gather five bags of things to be donated from around the house.
  • Plant my flowerbeds and flowerpots

  • So, how'd I do?

    Write at least 25K words on a new story...hmmm...nope. (This one didn't happen, but for a very good reason which I will go into in another blog post soon. :) )

    Write 8 Blog Posts -- Check! (Between this blog and my personal blog. :) )

    Clean out my closet and gather five bags of things to be donated from around the house. -- Check, Check! (Much thanks to my daughter for her assistance with this one. Together we purged our closets and got a bunch of clothes to donate.)

    Plant my flowerbeds and flowerpots. -- Check, Check, Check! (They look beautiful! Blooming, growing, vibrant and fragrant. Yay!)

    I got three out of four goals accomplished for the month of May. Not bad, says I.

    Now it's time to set goals for June:

    • Outline and start Steeped In Love, a new novel set in a St. Paul tea shop at the turn of the last century. (15K words minimum)
    • Write 8 blog posts
    • Firm up plans for a vacation, destinations, accommodations, possible sights to see.
    • Finish the cross-stitch I'm working on and get it framed and mailed to its recipient.

    So, how did you do with your goals for May, and what are your goals for June?

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    1. Great goals!!!! And LOVE the Steeped in Love idea. You'll have to share when we have lunch in ohhhh... TWO WEEEEEEEEKS

    2. I've failed too many times to plan goals. It gets too discouraging. If I wake up each morning, breathe, can get out of bed on my own steam, then I've accomplished my biggest and most important goal of the day!

      1. There you go! Goal set and met! :) Goal-setting looks different for each person, Gail, and yours reminds me to appreciate all the little and big things we do each day.

    3. Steeped in Love sounds fantastic!
      You've inspired me to set my June goals as well. I learned from a book that goals should be S.M.A.R.T.: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Sensitive. That has really helped me, then, I lay out an action plan as to how I will achieve my SMART goals :)

      1. Jolene, I've heard that acronym, too. It's so helpful! :)

    4. I'm afraid my current goal is much like Gail H.'s - I've been in bed a large portion of the time for several days now, probably due to either a stomach virus, food poisoning, a reaction to the hormone therapy I'm taking for cancer, or a combination of the above mentioned.

      My monthly goal would be to recuperate, find a hormone med that won't make me ill, gradually become acclimated to a better nutrition plan, continue to lose weight (I've made a good start), develop more strength (I had cancer surgery) which hopefully, will include establishing some form of exercise again, getting back to church and resuming outings with family and friends, and being fitted for a prosthesis, etc..

      Sounds kind of depressing, however, God is faithful and I'm thrilled at the progress I've already made - thanks to the prayers of many wonderful friends and family members!!

      1. And we are praying for you too Bonnie! One step at a time. One day at a time, Sweet Jesus...


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