Tuesday, April 15, 2014

When it's Time to Give Up

I think sometimes we just walk through the desert and all we can hug are cactus. 
(If there are any cactus growing)
But I think God allows us to walk in the desert because if we don't, and we're always in green pastures, our need for Him dissipates. And then I think at the same time, the enemy likes to see our discouragement and make it even more dry than it ever was before.

It's sort of like writers block and the only way to break writers block is to keep pushing forward and not allow our discouragement to make us quit. Because were passionate about what we do. If we are passionate about Jesus it should be the same pushing forward and pushing through and realizing that it is our strength that makes us strong. Admitting a weakness is sometimes the best thing we can possibly do.

Our struggles are not meaningless. There is a purpose and a time and place for everything.Whether it's husbands, wives, children, parents, or yourself wallowing in depression.Goals not being achieved at the speed we desire.Our independence hampered by the needs of others.Or maybe just exhaustion because of the pace at which the world turns these days.

We live in a fallen world and yet we expect perfection because God has planted that desire in our hearts. And He planted it knowing He is the only one who can provide it.So we need to stop looking for an emotion.Stop searching for a feeling of peace.Stop waiting to feel better when everything is better.And realize that maybe we need to hunker down, in the bow of the ship, with Jesus standing with His arms outstretched to calm the storm in His time, at His beckoning. And as we ride out the storm, or trudge through the desert, or embrace the cactus, and all we see are mirages of hope that always seem to be just out of reach...He whispers "be still".

But not to the storm.And not to the desert.And certainly not to the cactus.But to us.
Stop fighting. Stop wishing for something we do not have. Stop expecting peace during worship, revelation during Scripture, and hope during the day. Because really, we're looking for a feeling.
Instead we should just look for Him.And the rest will come.

Experience the desert or storm lately?


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  1. Yep, that's my Jaime-girl who had me crying at "hug a cactus" last week!! We have a theme there so far this week. Struggles aren't meaningless. Persevere. He's whispering....

    1. well, hugging a cactus hurts -- so stop it and you'll stop crying ;)

  2. I may have said this before but there's a saying...God never gives us more than we can handle.....but that's so untrue! He does give us more than we can handle because He wants us to turn to Him for help.

  3. Sorry - my keyboard decided to transpose part of my first try at commenting!

    So here's what it was supposed to say...


    It's really a binary solution set. Either everything is meaningless...or nothing is. The effort we put in is worth it for its own sake, because in God's currency a feeble, despairing try may be far more valuable than the most glittering success.

    I'm certainly facing a storm, and it's hard to bring myself to a place where I can even keep trying. I want to quit, every day. But by the end of the day I've still done something, I haven't quit, and that's a victory.

    Just one more day. Try for just one more day. That is the key.


    1. In God's strength -- and even then, it's so difficult!! Blessings!

  4. Hang in there Andrew. I pray you find encouragement here and with the prayers of the saints, your brothers and sisters in Christ. God's speed.

  5. Thanks, Anne - yes, the encouragement I've gotten from the online writing community has been a literal lifesaver. There were days I just wanted to fold it up - but there are real people out there whom I didn't want to let down.

    The pain will eventually pass; and God will have the love and beauty waiting for me in the next place.

  6. Agreed Anne - your theme this week DOES expound on the value of struggles. As hard as they may seem to endure during the storm, my trials have always brought me closer to God!!

    1. It's a nice place, resting the arms of Christ.


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