Monday, April 7, 2014

Unplugged? Or Plugged In?

Who doesn't need to get away from it all? Who of us doesn't need a vacation? How often in the day-to-day grind do we just yearn for an easy break?

Daily. Weekly. Monthly. Yearly.

And the days add up and go by. And we just keep plugging away...

Vacation. Escape. Rest. A break.
Ahh, just to coast a bit...

I woke yesterday at 5a.m. For the fourth day in a row, thinking about work, problems, patients, coworkers, schedules, education, lists, duties, should-do things. Then I told myself that early morning wakening is a sign of anxiety (and racing thoughts) and I tried to mentally kick work out of my mind. I rebelled against a to-do list for my stay-cation, though often they energize me. I felt in my depths that it might crush me if I didn't learn to UNPLUG!

It took me full day.

But today was Sabbath.

And Jesus whispered to me--"I never ran away. I never escaped. I found a quiet place, so I could run to my Father. I plugged-into the Father's presence. I sat still in His presence."

Wow. A rush of God's love.
Release from the demands of life's rat race. And that wasn't all, He said more...
"You act as if you only have access to Me on vacation. I'm here every Sabbath. Everyday. You need only to plug-in and--Be Still. Know that I am God."

Thankfully God doesn't need a cruise or a Florida beech to download His love, peace, and strength to us!

Psalms 46:10 "He says, Be still, and know that I Am God."

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  1. You even posted this at 4:00 am I noticed! You call it unplugging, I call it getting my batteries charged.

    1. unwinding, reconnecting, charging! :)

  2. I love this! I especially love it because I've got a lot on my plate at the moment. More than I think I ever have before...and I've had moments of, um, freaking out.

    But just in this past week, I've felt that refreshing peace you described. And yeah, it comes from making a conscious decision to "plug in" to God's presence.

    1. I agree Melissa! Blessings on your plugging in! and your deadlines!

  3. I can't unplug. My body's coming apart on me, and it lets me know - with every step - that there's no escape.

    But there is comfort, in the stories of people whose faith got them through the razor wire, and who, by holding onto Love, allowed them to achieve victory in the face of defeat.

    Something of a Sabbath, I suppose.

    1. Yes, just enough to keep on. It keeps us dependent on your Lifesource. Blessings Andrew.


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